Constructive Use For iPhone 5 NFC Release

By Peter Chubb - May 10, 2011

There has been so much hope over the last few months regarding the next iPhone and it’s rumored features, but we thought we would look at just one of them – one that might not make the cut in time. Here we talk about the constructive use for the iPhone 5 NFC release. We all assumed that it was coming to Apple’s next handset, but just after that story broke it was followed by news that the team behind the design would rather wait just until they had a better understanding behind the technology of Near-Field Communication.

There are already some phones on the marking using NFC, but they are not yet set up to make payments or redeem coupons etc. However, the one advantage they have with already having the tech inside is the fact that they are all ready to do them things – once the OS allows it that is. Finextra talks about how Google already uses NFC for other cool things while waiting for an update for payments, and that is a range of marketing capabilities.

Apple has always been about staying one step ahead of the competition, but that seems to get harder for them each year, and if they decide to launch the iPhone 5 without NFC, then they will be left behind for a whole year – something that iPhone users will not want. If they do not have this feature, then what else will they announce to stay one step ahead of the likes of Google and RIM for that matter?

We always know never to believe any of the rumors, so maybe the iPhone 5 will have NFC with the payment system already working? The reason we say this is because we already know that the 5th-generation iPhone could be delayed by three months, why else would they do that – maybe they are working on something big – only time will tell?

Do you think that the iPhone 5 needs NFC to stay ahead of the competition?

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  • This will be huge. It is better to wait and get it right. I am actually looking forward to this for proximity based authentication instead of payments. Imagine just holding an iPhone the required distance from another iPhone and dragging a photo over to it.