Chillingham Manor: Entertaining puzzle game for iPhone

By Marlon Votta - May 10, 2011

Keep your wits about you when venturing in to the spooky world of Chillingham Manor with this entertaining puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The story starts with you as the novice exorcist Mr. Brightside trying to disperse the residing scary phenomena’s at Chillingham Manor. Match up the colors and symbols and cast spells in different combinations, but be aware of the ghouls that lurk in this scary cartoon puzzle app by Synqua Games

Become a professional exorcist and overcome vampires, mummies and other things that go bump in the night. Progress though the 45 levels of Chillingham Manor, as the adventure gets harder along the way. Use the countless replay action for each individual level and gain bonus powers when activating larger spells.

There are other special items and bonus features to unlock in this vivid comic like app. boast your scores online using Openfeint leader boards. Remember to keep an open mind when dealing with strange goings on at Chillingham Manor. For more on this entertaining puzzle game visit the App Store.

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