Brink Game: Early Review Round-Up Shows Mixed Opinions

By Tina Chubb - May 10, 2011

The much-anticipated first-person shooter game Brink may not have made it into European and Australian stores as of yet, but gamers in North America can pick up the game as of today. However, before they do, they might want to check out a few of the early reviews to see what the critics have to say.

Although there are quite a few reviews available online now, we thought we would take a brief look at just a few of them. Judging by the early review round up, there appear to be a few mixed opinions. For example, Edward V over on gave the Brink game an overall rating of 5/10.

Edward said that after spending 10 hours with the Brink game, he felt quite comfortable to say that he didn’t like it. Edward said that although the game was made well, its flaws were just too much to cope with. In terms of graphics, this reviewer said they unfortunately take a down turn during gameplay.

Next up is a review from Griffin McElroy over at, who gave the game an overall score of 2/5. Not only does this reviewer say that the classes are oddly imbalanced, but he also describes the single player mission as abysmal. Jared Presler at on the other hand gave it 8.2/10.

Jared noted that although Brink looks and sounds amazing, the in-game voices can get a little repetitive. He also notes that the menus are straightforward and easy to navigate and the maps are very detailed. The final review we looked at comes from Peter Eykemans over on the IGN website.

This reviewer gave the Brink title an overall score of 6/10, describing it as OK. Some of the downsides noted by Peter include a lack of depth, repetitive objectives and graphical problems. You can read more of each review via the links provided above. What are your first impressions?

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  • Jerry

    The classes are off balance, graphics arent great, rip off of boderlands, no lasting apeal whats so ever because you unlock all the guns by doing some 6 to 8 simple challenges, then it just leaves you to unlocking clothes. There is no real multiplayer its just reptitive campaign missions online. The AI are very annoying and reptitivive, but they are probably the mst helpful AI i have had in a campaign so that is an upside. This game is just a rip off of a couple of other games that i have played. Team fortress 2, borderlands, battelfied BC 2, and kinda like call of duty. If i had the chance i would never rebuy this game but it would be a fun game to rent because there are some things that are different and it is fun for about day and half maybe after your half way through the campaign and you realize your just doing the same objectives over and over again. The sad thing was i was really looking forward to this game hoping it would be fun enoug so i could play it until battlefield 3 would come out but looks like im going to be looking for an alternative.