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AT&T Wireless gains award, some iPhone users yawn

Over the years AT&T has been criticized for not having the best coverage and customer support, so comes as a surprise that AT&T Wirelsss gains an award as the “world’s most valuable telecom brand.” We can just hear iPhone user yawn at this news, and wonder how such a thing can happen.

Crave says that there have been some questionable rewards in the past, and this latest one will leave consumers confused. Over the years AT&T seems to have been affecting iPhone users more than most, and maybe it was this why Apple finally gave in and allowed Verizon the chance to sell the iPhone 4?

Let us not take away the fact that for the most part, AT&T does a good job; but should they share the same mantle as the likes of Apple, Coca Cola, McDonalds and Microsoft? Apple sits at number one in the global ranking for most valuable brand, with AT&T at number 7. Surely they have to be doing something right, why else would they sit so high on that list?

AT&T has been working hard over the past year to improve its service, but it still falls short of stopping people from becoming frustrated with their iPhones and lack of service. Are you shocked with this award, should Verizon be up there instead?



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