AT&T iPhone tethering, crackdown explained

If you’ve got an iPhone then the likelihood is you are able to jailbreak it. For whatever the reason you would do that, if you’re thinking of using the new found freedom for unofficial tethering purposes then be prepared to be found out.

Thanks to some insight from Android Police the writers at iPhoneHacks were able to report that if an iPhone has been hacked and is used for tethering it can be detected. This is because when the phone is in tethering mode it sends traffic through an AT&T access point.

This then allows the company to identify which traffic is using the official and unofficial tethering options making it easy to clamp down on them.

According to the report most jailbreakers will often use the APN but some will use an alternative and these are the culprits that AT&T is hoping to stop. Check out the full article at iPhoneHacks for more information on the crackdown by clicking the link above.

Do you think AT&T is doing a good job of cracking down the jailbreakers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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