Xbox 720 release Announcement in 2012 not out of the question

By Chris Cook - May 9, 2011

The Xbox 360 is still one of the most popular games consoles in the world despite it being now 6 years old. It competes with the PlayStation3 and despite its age is still able to keep up with graphics performance level of today.

Every console that gets released has an estimated life expectancy and although sales of the Xbox 360 may have already peaked they don’t seem to be tailing off just yet. There have been a number of rumors suggesting a successor to the console, namely the Xbox 720.

Despite these rumors EA have continued to dismiss being in possession of the means to produce such a console however have said that an announcement of a new console in 2012 is not out of the question.

This comes from an article at CVG that reports an analyst has suggested Xbox 360 has lost momentum and a new console would provide the boost needed to get the manufacturers selling again.

You can read the full article and what else was said by clicking the link above. Do you think we will be seeing an Xbox 720 next year? let us know in the comments below.

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  • ashfoxx

    I actually hope we don't see a new Xbox or Sony console at E3 next year. I am having enough issues keeping up with buying games for the ones I have now, let alone buying new hardware. In this current economy, a new console will only hurt Sony and Microsoft, especially considering the systems still have the means to keep up with everything that comes out.

    Nintendo, on the other hand, needs to step up their game if they don't want to end up like their former rival.

  • Eric

    With what's going on with PSN right now, Microsoft would be fools not to release the 720 ASAP. That would be a steal.