Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Update on Way: List of Possible Features

By Tina Chubb - May 9, 2011

We have some interesting information now for those of you that own a Windows Phone 7 handset, as we’ve just learned a little more about the new WP7 update that’s on its way. The update is said to contain a number of cool features, including turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation for Bing Maps.

Although the reported features are unconfirmed at this stage, the recent images (which can be seen over on the website) suggest that the features are legitimate. Besides the aforementioned feature, the update is also said to include music recognition and camera-integrated search.

The first of these features is Bing Audio, which as noted acts like an integrated Shazam-like music recognition. Although there is already a Shazam application available for the Windows Phone 7 platform, Bing Audio is a music recognition feature that is built in to the mobile operating system.

Another of the said features is the one dubbed Bing Vision, which will apparently give the camera app the power to scan barcodes and shoot landmarks. It will then find similar images and information on specific items. Then you have the must-have turn-by-turn navigation feature for Bing Maps.

There have also been hints of a Voice Dictation feature, which will enable you to create and send messages hands free. Unfortunately we have no indication on a release date for the upcoming update as of yet. What new feature are you looking forward to the most?

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