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State Farm iPhone App: Driver Feedback helps improve driving skills

We would all like to improve our driving skills, whether it is for safety reasons or improving our vehicles fuel economy. Now a recently released application from State Farm called Driver Feedback is available for iOS devices.

The application is like having your own personal instructor when looking to improve your driving. It uses the iPhone’s high-tech components, accelerometer, digital compass, and gyroscope to measure the users driving habits.

The application takes measurements for your driving habits such as your acceleration, abruptness and frequency of braking, and how hard you take corners. It then puts all your measurements through the apps special algorithm and gives you a score out of 100.

You are then giving some helpful tips to improve your score to become a safer and more economical driver. Trips can be compared with each other and results sent via email and SMS, and the app doesn’t collect your trip information.

Driver Feedback 1.0 is available free of charge on the App Store. iOS 4.0 or later required.



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