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Rows 3D: Four in a row game with a twist for iOS

The good old-fashioned games generally never go out of fashion and there is no exception with this new app for the iPhone. Rows 3D is the four in a row game with a twist for the iOS also available for iPad and iPod Touch.

Much like an updated version of the old Tic Tac Toe this new app by Pixeltin has a 3D board. An original four in a row game has arrived with a rotating board for you to get the best view to select stones and their placing. Select the staff for your next position, and then tap on the arrow to place your stone correctly.

Using your finger you can play five different computer levels on five separate board designs. Get your high score using various different designs including wood, metal stone, styro and jade. You can choose your level starting at beginner going through intermediate, good, advanced and master.

Play a friend with the two player options for a one on one competition. For more on Rows 3D, visit the App Store.

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