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PlayStation Network: PSN Offline Status and Xbox 360 Threats

Despite Sony telling the world that they were aiming to get the PlayStation 3 up and running on PSN sometime during last week, it didn’t happen as most of you are well aware. We have read all sorts of threats online from PS3 users saying that they will move to the Xbox 360, but how many of you actually went through with that action?

Just to give you an idea on this, these are a few examples of the hundreds of user comments we received in one of our previous articles relating to the ongoing PS3 downtime:

”All I know is my husband is crabby and is going to end up getting an xbox instead”

”Get the damn network on already! X-box here I come. ”

”you have got to be kidding me…. I hate the weak… and it appears that sony is the weak… my thoughts are switching to xbox…. this is so much BS!”

‘love psn but got tired of waiting talking there bull **** and went and bought an xbox. i have both systems now and is that so bad. now if one does go down again can just use the other one!!!”

You can read the rest of these comments and replies from other gamers in our article titled, ”PlayStation Network Status Update: Third PSN Attack Planned – Sony Defenceless?” here. As you can see, there are a lot of angry PS3 gamers out there, but is the situation so bad that you would consider buying or even abandoning Sony in favor of an Xbox 360?

The big argument we’re hearing is of course that PS3 remains free while Xbox 360 requires a subscription, but when the PS3 has been down for more than two weeks, paying $50 a year for a reliable service may seem more appealing to some gamers.

What are your thoughts on this? How many of you have actually bought an Xbox 360 as a result of the psn downtime?



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