PlayStation Network: PSN Offline Status and Xbox 360 Threats

By Alan Ng - May 9, 2011

Despite Sony telling the world that they were aiming to get the PlayStation 3 up and running on PSN sometime during last week, it didn’t happen as most of you are well aware. We have read all sorts of threats online from PS3 users saying that they will move to the Xbox 360, but how many of you actually went through with that action?

Just to give you an idea on this, these are a few examples of the hundreds of user comments we received in one of our previous articles relating to the ongoing PS3 downtime:

”All I know is my husband is crabby and is going to end up getting an xbox instead”

”Get the damn network on already! X-box here I come. ”

”you have got to be kidding me…. I hate the weak… and it appears that sony is the weak… my thoughts are switching to xbox…. this is so much BS!”

‘love psn but got tired of waiting talking there bull **** and went and bought an xbox. i have both systems now and is that so bad. now if one does go down again can just use the other one!!!”

You can read the rest of these comments and replies from other gamers in our article titled, ”PlayStation Network Status Update: Third PSN Attack Planned – Sony Defenceless?” here. As you can see, there are a lot of angry PS3 gamers out there, but is the situation so bad that you would consider buying or even abandoning Sony in favor of an Xbox 360?

The big argument we’re hearing is of course that PS3 remains free while Xbox 360 requires a subscription, but when the PS3 has been down for more than two weeks, paying $50 a year for a reliable service may seem more appealing to some gamers.

What are your thoughts on this? How many of you have actually bought an Xbox 360 as a result of the psn downtime?

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  • Isaac Newsome

    Did we mention that people who’ve paid for Xbox Live have also had down time, and if you add up total downtime for days Xbox Live has been unavailable for use since it’s release on Xbox 360  I’m pretty sure it will probably equal the time PlayStation Network was down.  Please don’t let yourselves be fooled. I bought an Xbox 360 awhile ago, and couldn’t play it for a week because their servers were down.

  • Bob

    Xbox live is like $7 a month. get a job, are you fucking poor lol. "I refuse to pay for xbox live". Are you 13 years old? get a job, gees louise….

  • Alvaro

    Seriously, i have an xbox, for all of u that say xbox is shit blah blah blah is not okay? is a great console same as the ps3 . I prefer xbox but still are u serious? are u going to change ur console pay a huge amount of money just because u cant play online for two months? is just ridiculous. Be more patient and find a life outside the ps3 or xbox world.
    That is my point of view.

  • Archie

    I just realised… XBOX controllers run on batteries HAHAHAH that's hilarious XD
    … which come seperate! HAHAHAHA :'D
    … and they need replacement! ROFL i'm gonna cry laughing 😛

  • Archie

    and this is official…
    All the comments made by people replacing their ps3 with xbox are fake, they don't have a ps3 to start with.
    In fact they are not even human… That's right, they're bots… Deployed by MS themselves to post randomly on these sites in order to bend public opinion. Yes you better believe it boy!
    And finally, the rising sales of xbox supposedly in the last few weeks… Well MS likes to dress up their employees as civilians and buy their own consoles just to get some fancy stats up there…
    So now you know it, don't be fooled. Platinum those games, play some sports, find a gf and get married 🙂

  • Archie

    HALO IS CRAP! I mean any of the CODs are way better even in multiplayer.. IT SUX BIG TIME, how can you people like it… To all those on xbox… hmm I predict LIVE will get hacked next by the asian hackers 🙂

  • Archie

    This F%^$in annoying!

    But then again… not so long ago we always played offline on our playstation 2s… so I'm just gna use this time to actually platinum all my games.. and watch those endless animes and movies on my hard drive 😛

  • daniel sanchez

    F*** xcube360 x circle360 or whatever its called x square 360…. I wouldn't even be caught dead playing that 360 piece of yeah you know ps3 all the way a true ps3 gamer could and will wait for the network to come back online and will not even mention x 360 and for those ppl talking bout switching damn just do it it ain't going to make no difference because u ain't going to make x square 360 any better than ps3 and that's for damn sure

  • eaglenlouisiana

    LOL you guys are funny I paid 599.99 when the PS3 first came out and there is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way I am buying an 360….AKA RROD!

  • ps3 is best

    omg never change to xbox 360 you have to fucking pay for play multiplayer!!!!! thats so much stupid

  • x209G4M3Rx

    Look I got an xbox the day it came out. I had the pro version, then i had to replace it with the halo 3 version, and now i have the slim. I got a PS3 in january because i wanted to see how it actually was compared to xbox. Sony has WAY more features on their console than microsoft will ever have on the xbox. PSN is Free, Blue-ray, Tons of great exclusive games, bluetooth, etc. If you are such a low life to the point that you cant go a few weeks without playing online then i feel sorry for you. Dumbest Idea to go buy an xbox when PSN will probably be back up this week. Waist of your money…

  • Ernesto

    I just recently bought a PS3 only lasted 1-2 day with online play and loved it 😀 I will always be a SONY fan till death 😀 playstation One playstation 2 didnt have online play so i dont see whats the big problem anyway im still playing final fantasy, uncharted 2, metal gear solid 4 all which xbox wont have soo i say

  • jon doe

    ps3 new with online ability $400.00 ps3 new with out online ability $400.00 lick my @$$ sony you have robbed everyone. put psn online you bunch of fat @$$'s. you are full of lies sony. I bought ps3 only for online playing, and it took me along time to get up the money to buy one now i cant use it for what i bought it to be used for. You suck sony i want my money back.

  • Lazerbyte

    OMG REALLY you people are crazy for dumping your PS3 for a crapbox!

    Do you remember RRODgate and how long it took MS to fix the problem and they had to have a class action lawsuit to resolve the problem.

    I guess it just shows that people in America can be fooled and given crappy products and service by a crappy company and you will support them.

    I will not support a company that does not care about it's consumers and rapes them of money which MS does.

    Everything for the xbox is a la carte! The machine with 4GB is 199 you want a hard drive that is 129 you want an extra controller and batteries that's 40 and then the subscription for live is 60 or 25 bucks for 3 months so for a year that is 100!

    To me that is a complete rip off! What is so special about live? NOTHING

    You think when MS announces their new machine they won't care two rats asses about you and will completely dump support for it and move on to the next system.

    Continue to support a company that only cares about your wallet rather than you.

    Sony's machines are in it for the long haul as you can STILL purchase a PS2 and games for it and the system is over 10 years old!!

    Remember PSN is FREE!!

    PC games online are free so why should you spend $60 on a game and then have to pay to play it online!

    Here just give me your money for explaining this to you or better yet just open up your toilet and throw your money in it as you'll buy anything or better yet let your mom hold onto it so you don't waste it!!

  • Snow Hare

    I would like to give Sony the benifit of the doubt. Really bad luck for them that a group of stupid hackers decided they know what's best for all of us and took PSN away from us for a time. The reason that Sony does not have the network back up and running is because they want to make damn sure that they get their security issues under control before doing so. Its easy to panic, but Sony is doing the right thing taking the time to make sure this never happens again. There are too many reasons I have for staying with PS3 over xbox (i have both) and not just because PSN is free. Think of it. Sony did not do this to us on purpose and they will learn from the event and hopefully be able to prevent it from happening again. Put yourself in their shoes. They know the PR is bad right now but they refuse to go back online until the security is there for us. Give them a break, they have given us many great game experiences, anyone could get hacked. Lets just hope Sony gets it right this time and perhaps comes out on the other side a bit humbler for it.

  • EZeKiEL 25:17

    I have owned both systems. Yes, the XBOX network is more reliable, but the device itself is a piece of crap. I am a PS3 fan by the fact that the console is superior to any gaming console man has to offer – that's a fact. I decide things from facts, not opinion. Its a more powerful and reliably system along with great features its biggest competitor couldn't deliver: Built-in wi-fi, blu-ray player (true HD), wireless controllers designed from bluetooth technology (this means no batteries needed with a reliable connection at longer distances). You can create your own themes for God's sake. The system itself is a brilliant device. I understand the the PS Network has been down for a few weeks, but that doesn't make the XBOX more appealing in any way, shape, form or fashion.

    The real issue here is not the PS Network being down, it is you Generation Y babies (those of you born in the late 80's and early 90's) that don't know what to do with yourselves without your electronics. There used to be these things called HOBBIES that didn't include electrical devices. God forbid a Solar Flare from Hell comes protruding from the sun and send us into a temporary Stone Age for a few months; you guys would kill yourselves!!

    I am sure Sony is trying their best to bring the network back online. BE PATIENT! You kids don't know what patience is. I'd rather them take as much time as they need to get the system back online and secure as possible than to rush it to appease a lot of people who don't have better things to do with themselves than depend on a darn virtual world to separate themselves from reality every waking moment of their lives. So those of you who are acting like crying babies and switching over to XBOX, the same can happen to them; have you thought about that??