PlayStation Network back online end of May: Don’t hold your breath

By Chris Cook - May 9, 2011

Online cravings starting to get the better of you? Wish you could just satisfy them as soon as possible? Well the wait for that day may not be far now as Sony has clarified that the PlayStation Network will be back up and running again by May 31st.

You’re probably thinking ‘yeah right?’ and why wouldn’t you? Sony promised PSN would be up again weeks ago. The new promise comes from an article at Bloomberg which reports that Sony plan to restart the improved security system by the end of the month.

According to Sony they were not fully aware of the extent of the hack and therefore were ill prepared in bringing the system back to life. Now they are fully aware they know how to tackle the problem.

Shigenori Yoshida a Tokyo spokesperson was quoted whilst speaking to Bloomberg that Sony’s plan to be back online by May 31st is ‘unchanged’ even though they were due a partial restart last week. Read the full article at Bloomberg for more details about the restoration plan.

Do you think we will be back online by May 31st? Let us know in the comment s below.

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  • Jon

    All you nay sayers look pretty stupid now. "All they're doing is stalling because they have no clue how to fix the problem". Looks like some of you were wrong. Just finished playing several rounds of black ops before bed. Its BACK!!!


    happy happy nappers get along with psn dont get mad it will be back nup

  • D Wayne

    yea! what THEY said!

  • Hommy

    SUCK IT UP!!! Its just a game, you dont pay to go online. Dont now what to do with you time read a book go outside enjoin your girlfriend or wife, kids ect.. ect.. Fix something around the house cook clean and when PSN comes back on, GAME HARD then you can say when it was down i did something useful.

  • RangyTangy

    OH BOO HOO WE GOTTA WAIT LONGER FOR PSN CAUSE THEY HAVE SHITTY PROTECTION OF THE NETWORK!! Oh please people, get over it. The less time you give them, the same thing will happen again and maybe more often. Give Sony a BREAK. You try fixing a damn network with millions waiting for its return. And go ahead and buy a crap box 3 shitty as it'll break down soon anyways and you'll have to waste more money adding games for that console. Can you just not be PATIENT and GO OUTSIDE instead of headshotting the shit out of people? Yea you wanna complain to me? I'm a psn user too and you don't see me whining like a little bratty kid. It did really suck that I didn't get to play cod on an easter weekend but I went for a bike ride. Stop sitting like lazy assholes and go outside and go for some outdoor fun. Is that too hard?

  • Jake14

    They said Tuesday it looked like in a few days it would be back up but I will believe it when it happens

  • ThePissedOffGamer

    PSN has repetively claimed that PlayStation Network would be up and running again in a matter of days. They have made false claims over and over for about a whole month now. They will continue to lie and procrasinate. Mostly I am angry at the hackers. Targeting innocent people. That is what terriosts do to achieve some sort of political goal. It seems as if they were doing this just to prove that they could or identity theft. What the hell will you do with all those credit card numbers? What the hell will you buy? You can not be discreet when you have obtained that kind of money. They should lock the people up. No, they should deport them so our taxes don't go to their meals and beds and shit. Oh and by the way this was written by a 13 year old and it was probably the most sophisticated and relevant comment on this page.

  • huggy_bear

    i don't blame sony for the network going down, i do believe their tackless approach in giving us vague information on when it will be back is what is Peeving people off.
    i dont understand how it can take so long to rebuild secure servers however i am not an expert in this area.

    SONY pls pls just give us some accurate info on will psn will be online!!!!

  • steve

    lol i checked to c if psn was back up but i guess not….. i dont even remember how longs its been since its been down… i relapsed when it did bc i had 6000 dollars worth of ps3 shit n games and no fucking online …. so ive been stuck with xbox cod which fucking sucks and perks and a shit ton of budds and to be honest i really only want psn to come back…. two of my best friends got rolled the other night one lost 3 grand and the other beat the shit outa by 4 guys with batons… last night same guys tryed to roll me so i set a trap …. biiiigg fuckin shit sho smashed out windshields tazers… piggs took my crown vic… then today when my buddys were leavin same pple did a hit and run on them…..and i aint jokin not sayin this bc i wanna try to sound cool just that i hope sony hears me out and puts some fuckin happiness back into my life b4 i blo my brains out

    • gary

      shut up man

    • STFU


  • benny

    fuc playstation im tired of all these dam games xbox ur in im on my way to game stop bttches


    SONY can take all the time they F'in want for all I care. I got an XBOX now i use to love SONY and have had all there consoles but this was just to much i had PS+ as well what a waste of money that was never got any games that i would buy without been given them. No money of COD map packs that would be the most value for money just to get £2 or £3 of every pack and to get them the same time as XBOX would also get people to buy PS+ instead of bloody been given it for free for an F'up which they should have seen coming. Im not a fan boy but had loyalty to SONY that has been burned.

  • @ obsessive gamers!

    Read a book whilst your waiting! Get outdoors! Learn an instrument.

  • al-ca-pone13

    well lets hope were back on the 31st because im fed up so is my son, we have also already got an xbox so were now concidering a swap with my ps3 for another xbox, this pisses me off as ive stuck with playstation since they started, this is too f-ing much, we would both rather be sitting playing on line than listen to the women of the house ramble on all the bloody time

    • Will G.

      Its not Sonys fault some moron screwed things up.. at least they are taking the time to make sure its extra safe so someone can't steal your identity like they did millions of others. Id rather them take extra time for my personal information security, than them just start it back up unfinished and have it happen again and possibly worse. At least their servers are free unlike x box.. and x box servers crash much more often. And as for not wanting to listen to the women in the household… take the kid to a park or bike riding, get some exersize, then you wont even have to be near the women, or you can just get a divorce and quit it all togather instead of blaming Sony for your inconvenience having to hear a woman. Oh and get a brain. Thanks.

  • luke

    people say why it isnt much difference playing on ps3 with or without the psn online. i would have to disagree with you there, playing single player games is fun yeah, but for three weeks of playing the same damn thing just gets repetitive and boring. so boring in fact ive began making up my own storylines for games, people need online it adds a different gameplay everytime online is played since there are no set outcomes, anything can happen, which is the true essence of what makes online gameplay great. so…………. sony not pushing you or anything, but sort it out ey?

  • akhan

    on the playstation blog the guy says 'a few more days' so that suggests should be back up this weekend hopefully

  • Steve

    I think Microsoft hacked the PS3 system so that people would go out and buy there xbox!!!

  • jnh

    for all u guys who cant wait to play online again, there is a pretty good alternative to psn and it is call xlink kai. Its pretty easy to set up and most of the time u find some ppl to play with. Besides that the player on xlink are a lot more mature and not just kids screaming around how awesome they are.

  • michael21

    sony get up off your butt and GET IS ONLINE it's not rocket sience

  • Will G.

    I dont understand why everyone is blaming SONY, they are doing all they can with the information gathered. If you want to be pissed off at someone, be pissed at the jackass who hacked the system! I hope they find him or her.. whoever the prick may be and publicly show who it is, that way you can see who you should blame. Learn to be patient, get off your ass, and go outside for once in your life and do something else other than bitch and cry that you can't play a game for a little while. Its sad and pathetic. Ya know, be glad they don't have an attitude like mine. Seeing all these negative comments outweigh the positive, id say fuck everyone and shut it down for good. You can't appreciate that the servers are FREE, unlike x box.. and we have ONE problem that takes a bit longer than expected and act like un satisfied assholes! Just goes to show how many people are selfish! The people who are being negative should be ashamed of themselves for being so un appreciative of the efforts of SONY to get this taken care of as soon as they can because of the severity the hacker caused! They are making the system better to PROTECT YOU! So excuse the hell out of them for taking some extra time to make PSN more SAFE FOR YOU! IDIOTS!

  • SONY

    10/05/2011 UPDATE FROM SONY
    I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

  • Michael – sony <3

    i heard the actual online game play is on by friday


    All the people that are leaving these comments saying that they are going to switch over to xbox just because they cant play online with PSN are just big freakin no lifes who sit inside there houses all day playing video games. PSN said they are going to be back up and running soon, nobody really knows when they will be back online so everybody that is crying about not being able to play online, get a life and do something besides play 1player as a substitute. I admit that i want PSN back up too, but i dont let that bother me any, i have been working out everyday all day ever since the day that PSN went down. I now have a six pack and muscles are huge. Not only am i buff, i have every girl in school crawling all over me. If you want to be like me, THEN GET A LIFE AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT PSN WILL BE BACK UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!

    • GAZZA

      Steady up man i think you shoud think about what you say sometimes about people sitting on our arss all day SOME OF US DONT HAVE A CHOICE BUT TO SIT ON OUR ARRSS ALL DAY some of us carnt even get out people like you make me sick putting stuff out there like this not even a care in the world if some can even do it ok thats anough i have to go now and sit on my arss some more.

  • dnbdeegl4

    will be going xbox soon if they dont hurry…..

  • Gamefreak

    Lets hope the deadline doesn't change.

  • MacTheShark

    Why did you not post my last comment? There was nothing wrong with it on any level!

  • MacTheShark

    I have always stood by Sony from back in the VHS v Betamax VCR days to my new Bravia TV and PS3 …….but I'm sorry the lack of communication from Sony regarding this has been pathetic in the extreme. This is definitely not the Japanese way and before I receive comments on this – I lived there just outside Yokohama for a few months. Sony you need to go back to where you used to care about true customer service! PS I don't blame Sony for the PSN outage – I blame the hackers for hitting people who just want to have a bit of relief from working hard and earning a decent buck/pound by chilling with their PS3 on PSN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    As for those of you fickle human beings out there than ran out to buy an Xbox 360 the moment PS3 had an issue, you may be enjoying it now… but I have had one for 2 years now and all I can say is enjoy it while you can because it's only a matter of time when the network will go down inexplicably for a day and 2… NO reimbursement either (and you pay just for the priviledge of being online). Then it will continue this pattern of incompetent network access for the rest of it's existence. Xbox network goes down almost once a month, not to mention the terrible lag and connections encountered. Expect that you will pay for 12 months of theorectical service but will only receive 11 or less months of actual service.
    This stuff happens… Get over it… Maybe get some real friends 😉

  • Anonymous

    Coming from someone who owns not only a PS3 but also an Xbox 360 and a Wii, I will point out that the PS3 is by far the superior system, online network or not. Not only are the graphics superior but the amount of functions the PS3 is capable of is extraordinary. I wonder if everyone has forgotten that you can play games without connecting to the network? Of course you are unable to play the games specifically designed for online but otherwise, what has changed besides the fact that you can't trash talk to 12 year old strangers while playing now? You might have to be social and see people? No more hiding in the basement talking through a microphone? "I don't know nothin' 'bout social contact!" I wonder how we survived in the days of Nintendo? Either way I still enjoy my PS3 network or not.

    • GAMER

      man im glad to hear someone say this i own a ps3 xbox and a wii also but by far the ps3 is the better system hands down. And i totally agree that people nee to wake up and see that the only thing is that you cant get online or nothing thats all but you can still play the games but at the same time most of the people that are complaining are the young kids AND adults that never played nintendo b4 hell i still have mine

  • ryan

    just called USplaystation..all the may 31st is clearly rumors..she told me the info they have is by friday PSN match making ill be back.. and ho i kno she is truthfull, she added at end that PS didnt kno the extend of hack, as of rite no thy are testing all or their servers.. and she also included dont listen to any other forums. PSN ill update their blog rite b4 PSN match making goes back online….all these forums is to get hits…. dont be stupid come on no.. you really think SONY got thousands of leaks to tell these forum leaders their info???? get serious and mature.


    PS3 network needs to read this

  • Matt

    This outage put me over the edge to get a xbox360, and I love it. Playing the mass effect series now.

  • Jonesing

    Whatever happens I look for the network to be attacked again, its now a challenge for hackers all over. And apparently sony can't handle the issue or it would be fixed already. They don't know whats wrong that is why they are stalling…. It doesn't take this long if you have a qualified team to take care of it…. black ops is now my white whale in which i cannot catch……

  • Wiggy C

    This is taking way too long. I expected normal service this week! Sony is letting all of their customers down big time. Are we all supposed to just wait with the offer of a welcome back gift? Sort yourselves out Sony it will take more than a free subscription for 30 days to appease PS3 owners.

  • Chris L

    I Have a PS3 but XBOX is made by Microsoft….come on its obvious they are going to have better security and at least you know you aint going to get hacked or have disconnection issuses, I prefur PS3 but XBOX online is 100 times better by far!!! Sony are a let down its taken them 3weeks and still they aint got the servers up and running, If that was Microsoft that would have beeen up within the day though Microsoft is too secure to have those sort of issues…it just shows XBOX is better, fuck Sony im getting an XBOX!!!

    • aaron

      good for you, when you get your RRoD remember your poor old ps3 🙂

    • deathtoxbox

      just because xbox is made by microsoft doesnt mean they have better security. lets go back to when xbox went down ppl. xbox live taken down on purpose just for maintence and it was down for 2 weeks ppl. maintence that took 2 weeks. hmmm doesnt sound like xbox is better at all

  • TTERallye

    How long & how many promises did we have to finally get GT5?

    lets hope the GT5 programmers aren't working alongside "SONY" otherwise we might have to wait years!!!

  • Joe Green

    I'm not really bothered about this PS3 thing. This sort of thing is good for business. Imagine the amount of people playing it when it comes back on. I like Playstation not being on as I can resume my storyline offline for RdR because I couldn't be arsed when I had online. Also, My virtual pro for FIFA 11 is great since i've been playing offline but that's one of the main reasons I'm also missing PSN, I can't show him off or play Ultimate Team which I bought a voucher for. As I say again, please come on as soon as possible as I kind've miss online play.

    • aaron

      your post makes no sense, the first half states your not fazed by the outage, the second half says that you clearly are, thats a contrasting answer the the question originally given, you dont work for sony by any chance do you?

  • James

    I really can't understand why so many of you are bitching so much about all this, naturally i'm disappointed that the network is still not back online, but you must see it from sony's point of view, they want to make sure that the network is safe when it returns, they could of returned the network sooner but that could of meant another hack and down comes the network again which i know is something they want to avoid happening as best as they can. I've read so many comments about people saying they're going over to x-box, surely this is a short term fix, it's a lot of money to shell out for the sake of online gaming for 3 weeks or so before psn comes back !!! I myself before the outage used the network maybe once or twice a week and you people must realise there is more to life than just online gaming, there is a real world out there, so go out and enjoy and before you know it psn will be back, then you'll realise that you've had fun with real people and not someone you've spoken to on a crackly crap bluetooth headset !!!!!!!

    • Eric

      Im sure these people carry on normal lives with plenty of outdoor activities the point all of you people who say stupid crap like james seem to be missing is that sony acts like they could care less when it comes back on that is what is pissing people off. That coupled with the fact that they are saying they want to be sure its safe its all bullsht, that would take all of a couple of days week tops the issue is that sony has decided that they don't care that we suffer while they screw around building a new data center. This would have happened in june anyway because thats when they planned to move to this new data center originally and clearly they can't do it while the system is online. so they story they are telling you is bs. i wouldn't be surprised at all if there was never a hack and they just said that so you guys wouldn't be pissed off at them for taking down the network VOLUNTARILY (which they did)

      • Mal

        Well said Eric people like James there are idiots im afraid they think thats all we do, its not all I do but I tell you one thing id like to be able to do it when I want to and if I cant id like an update more frequently than every week sony are a disgrace and their PR people should commit harakari.

  • Harding

    sony cant do shit it is back up when the hackers what it back up

  • Gareth

    Don't care on wait time. People raging annoys me though they should all be shot >.> big whoop you cant login to frag some random guy. You do realize near enough all games have a 1PLAYER mode. But I guess you guys all have the intellect of a garden fly. Sony take your time! rather get back on and being safe than getting on and it falling to pieces.

    • DisgruntledGamer

      Hear, hear! There are far too many people raging about not being online to realise that it takes a lot of time and money to sort this out. I've been playing all of my games' single player modes again and I've missed a lot of them, it's a breath of fresh air in my eyes.

    • Kyle

      Are you retarded?


    Acording to one sight this is faulse and sony is just letting people say what they wont to say so time will tell but i have to say theres been nothing like that on there ps3 blog but saying that theres been nothing on there for about 4 days now which is not on the lack of updates is a joke and is this what they really think of us.I think SONY is to scared to say when its going to be back on for one just incase it doesnt happen on that date like before and second there scared of getting hacked again but if theyv done there job right in the first place none of theses would of been a problam and my question is why can they not put us online without the ps3 store and stuff like all we need for online is our email address and password no credit card stuff run it like that for a while see how things go then think about the rest of it.

  • jason

    thats fantastic news only 3 more weeks you are having a laugh.not good enougth sony stick your freebies were the sun dont shine and get the psn back up now

  • Cast

    After many wrong dates, it is difficult to know when the psn will actually return. It might be May 31, after or before, i just want the psn back as soon as possible, and once they return, their security should be better than ever. The most important thing for them right know, is to give us accurate information and keep us abreast of what's happening, and of course try their best bringing the network back!.

    • michael

      they really need to stop the bs dates and say we don't know for crying out loud

  • Realist

    Hell no

  • PSN Updater –

    Sony Was Attacked Again There Going To Get Screwed With All The Credit Card Fraud…. IF they do go back online probably expect another hack other the summer

  • Nick

    and i was 1st

  • Nick

    the thing is that they never had any kinda of protection before thus why dont they put it back online with some sort of small protection and make a different network and switch it over when the are done with it. and im sure the people that can afford 200+their favorite vid game will get the 360 who wouldnt

    • Aaron Ingram

      That part is easy, the hard part is getting our information from not being cleared in the process

    • hellno

      OH yeah Nick everyone can afford 200 for the console and 60 a game and the cost of XBOX online.No problem Nick everyones made of money in fact I was on my way to grab a new Porsche just now too who wouldn't?

  • marshmellow

    well i beleive that it might take a litle longer because they have been promosing us last week, and even if its not im still not going to get xbox that thing breaks way to easy and its just g@y you have to pay internet for that cr@p

    • DisgruntledGamer

      The whole reason people pay for that "cr@p" as you call it, is for a better, more secure online service. Do your research before you post something completely unfounded. Yes there were reports of Xbox 360s breaking down but not everyone has had that problem. I have both Xbox 360 and PS3, and while the PS3 is a superior piece of hardware, Xbox LIVE is a far superior service to Playstation Network, even before all of this hacking happened. Take your fanboyism elsewhere. I honestly thought that PS3 gamers were the more mature breed but you have just brought that expectation way down.

      • JohnD

        you need to get a life disgruntledgamer.

      • Nick

        I too have the Xbox 360 x 2 and the PS3 and both Xbox have had the red rings of death as they call it. costing me £55.00 each to get repaired. whilst i agree with your service quote I do have to take issue with the Xbox hardware which is extremely fallable.

  • ashfoxx

    For Sony's sake, they better be. I can wait, but I can't say the same for all the pissed off gamers who post in the comments section threatening to (and few actually succeeding in) buying an Xbox. Lets hope the wait is finally almost over.

  • Dan

    Considering the May 31st deadline came from bloggers, rumor and fairytail land, it means nothing, maybe we won't see it tell june maybe it wil be up again in three days or a week.

  • rcdell84

    Yes it will! Just not this year

    • connnerallday

      hell naw