Partial vs. Full PSN Service Back Up Online

By Jamie Pert - May 9, 2011

For almost a month people have been asking when the PlayStation Network will be back on, well a recent article posted on Bloomberg suggests that Sony’s Shigenori Yoshida thinks that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be fully back online by May 31.

PS3 gamers should understand that this does not mean that they will not be able to play online until this date, all it means is that initially there will be a partial restoration of services and by May 31 all PSN and Qriocity services will be back up and running.

Chances are we will see the PlayStation Network back up within the next week or so, we cannot confirm whether all PSN features will be fully working straight away, however as long as gamers can play some of their favorite games online once again people will be happy.

Shigenori Yoshida told Bloomberg this news via a phone call, as you would expect no further details were given, however at least we know that by the end of this month everything should be back to normal (hopefully).

As and when we hear more we will keep you posted, in the mean time tell us what you have been doing to keep yourself busy during the 2011 PSN outage.

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  • tj278128

    i just so love rainbows and unicorns oh yaaaaaaa <3

  • Trevor

    Lol yea good idea, switch to xbox get the rrod within a year than send it in for repair and wait a month or two for them to send it back saying nothings wrong with and repeat that for the next couple of years until you realize how stupid you are. Eventually the month of not being able to play psn isnt gonna seem that long after youve spent months at a time waiting for your crappy xbox to be mailed back to you.


    may 31st is way to long this is so gay i go out and buy a brand new ps3 for 300 dallors and i bought it for the internet cause the xbox dont provide free internet sevices and xbox dont have blueray but one thing that the do have is good protection so nobody can hack their shit i would rather pay 20 or 50 bucks for internet on the xbox and have reliable service and awesome online games expecialy GOW:3 game is gonna be fucking awesome get you shit together psn

  • Tha Krusher

    You guys are dumb as dirt!!! Learn how to spell before you get on here and make a complete dong of yourselves! Sony is just B.S. and lies! Not one thing they have said to date has been accurate or even close to it except for the fact that they were down(given the small and extremely vague explanations that doesnt answer anything except that you have no idea what is going on). Sony couldnt stick their finger up their ass with a flashlight, GPS, and a tour guide helping them. Im so disgusted with this whole situation. Not so much the fact that this happened because these days anything is possible. Its the fact that Sony is not been forthcoming with anything since this whole fiasco began. PS users have been left in the dark since day one and obviously Sony doesnt give 2 hoots in hell. To me the only difference between PS and Xbox is Bluray and Xbox users pay a fee. But I have come to learn that nothing comes for free in this life and I will pay for USEABLE services instead of begging Sony for an answer that they refuse to answer. The bandwagon has lost its wheels people. Sony doesnt respect its users so why should we respect them by hanging on a thread, waiting, in the dark when we can play something else just as good.

  • Dion

    The welcome back package is a bit rubbish to be honest. Seeing as most of us play CoD, what would be a nice welcome back is if they opened up the extra levels in CoD for free. If they won't do it for Black Ops, they could at least do it for MW2.

    Not impressed that we were told online gaming would be up first week of May and it isn't. Xbox is beginning to look very appealing right now. Thinking of going to the shops and buying one in the next few days.

  • rangeto

    bye bye liers got to go to the x


    I am also ticked off about the situation, but I am dealing with it. Yeah I'd like to come home after work and play online, oh well I can atleast try to wait until they turn psn on partially and by the end of the month it will be fully functional. Funny how everyone is mad and upset at Sony, but what about the Hackers? I know that I am p!$$ed off at them. I mean everything was not perfect with psn while we were playing online, but we were playing online until the HACKERS F'kd it all up! Also just a reminder when they do turn psn back on there maybe an update (which is going to take forever) and everyone trying to sign online (traffic jam) which will add to the waiting of getting online. I hope there servers will be able to accept all the traffic when we try to get online (4 lanes of traffic converging into a single lane going through a tunnel). I have been trying to complete my trophies for most of the games I have in the mean time.

  • justsomewalker

    iv been playing halo. so much better than killzone

  • Jonas Petersen

    Fuck you Sony, and ur fucking bullshit. It's disgusting. U keep filling us with BS. U are a disgrace when it comes to the lack Customer Support (oops, do u know what that is?). This is the lousiest shit ever. 31st of May – Sony is a disgrace for Japan.

    I'll gladly pay a little a month to get some competent workers working on PSN.

    This is fucking BULLSHIT. Fuck you Sony. I'll give it 3 days and I'm off to buying an Xbox and I'll fuck my PS3.

    • alex

      go buy an x box you donkey

  • Rich

    It's a free service… would you rather be paying money for a service that is down for this length of time?

    PSN is not a right, its a privilege and a damned nice one at that.

    Sony DOES care about gamers, which is why they're taking time to MAKE SURE that your information is safe and secure, which is far above and beyond most free service providers. Just think of the man hours and money that has gone into fixing this issue, let alone the sheer amount of loss that Sony will incur when they issue our "gifts" for waiting so long.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm as pissed off as the next guy, considering I just bought Portal 2 and would like to play co-op or get my PC copy, but I'm content with waiting to ensure that my personal information is secure.

    • Jamie Pert

      Sony advertise the PlayStation 3 as a platform which allows you to play games online, also games are advertised with online elements highlighted therefore it is a right, not a privilege… here is an extract from the official playstation 3 website (written by Sony)

      “Take yourself on a journey today with games, movies, Internet access, online chat, new events, services and experiences. Find out how PlayStation®3 can deliver something for everyone, right here.”

      • Dylan

        As said in the article, may 31st is when full services will be up, and partial services will come back within a week, in all this chaos, especially in japan with the earthquake and the nuclear accidents, give sony a little break, they are trying and yes they keep updating us by saying the same thing over and over, but if you add all the offers sony is putting out and take into account all their losses, its amazing the deadline isnt longer, btw what does partial online service include?

      • Rich

        Microsoft claims the same thing for Xbox360, but that is a service that you PAY for. If the tables were turned, and Xbox Live were down, then people would be correct to be angry, as a service that you pay for is a right. However, considering that you do not pay for network access to PSN, it is offered to you as a free bonus because you purchased a PS3, making it a privilege for you to use it.

        The only things that you're missing from your quotation are "…Internet access, online chat…" and I'm pretty sure if you have a network connection to your PS3 you can still access the internet. So realistically, all you're missing from that quotation is "…online chat…".

        Just because you've bought a PS3 doesn't give you any moral or legal standing to demand that PSN be brought back up. It's a service that you enjoy for FREE.

        • Jamie Pert

          I’m enjoying this debate Rich, I am not biased in any way and I do not blame Sony for the downtime as I would prefer it to be down rather than risk personal details. I worked with computers for 7 years and believe me downtime is not always unavoidable nor is it wanted, but to do a job correctly it is necessary, otherwise you just patch up problems without ever fixing the main cause.

          I think that the only difference of opinion me and you have is the fact that you think that buying a PS3 gives you no moral or legal standing to demand that PSN be brought back up, obviously that is true to an extent, however I believe that when you buy a console today you are buying a package which is capable of a variety of functions… Sony must do their utmost to ensure that these functions are available, therefore players can demand it. This does not mean that Sony is in the wrong due to all of the downtime, it means that Sony are obligated to do their best to rectify issues…..

        • Rich

          Jamie, I wholeheartedly agree. My main argument is with people that continue to insist that it's their "right" to have a service given to them that they do not pay for.

          For example, look at the post below this one. That post is full of profanity, demands and threats. To quote: "I'll give it 3 days and I'm off to buying an Xbox and I'll **** my PS3.", entitlement like this is, in my opinion, disgusting. Sony doesn't "owe" this person anything, other than when their hardware breaks and they need a replacement/fix. Threatening to go and buy an Xbox (Which has pay-to-play network features) does nothing to Sony, it just makes another company an extra $300.

          What are you going to do when the Live service has a disruption? Whine, complain, threaten and go buy a Wii? Vicious cycle, it seems.

          Everyone's brave on the nameless, faceless Internet.

          There is no doubt in my mind that Sony is working very hard at ensuring customer privacy and security is as tight as it can possibly be. Having worked in IT for almost 20 years as a systems analyst (read: bug hunter/patch coder), repairs and patches can take a long time, especially where security is concerned. Sony is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, if not more, ensuring that things are fixed properly.

  • SiLent Warriors

    i got myself an xbox 360, and i found out it's much better graphical, and also the network is much more stable!

    • bhandy

      360 is really only 720 p , got xcm converter to use ps3 controller on my 360 works great , theres alot of glitchers on 360,back up games work online on 360,sony shud try to protect are identy as much as they protect there games!

  • SiLent Warriors

    i got myself an xbox 360, and i found out it's much better graphical, and also the network is much more stable!
    so i guess sony blew it for me 🙁

    started to buy the games i play the most, and also gonna get la noire on it, PS3 gets kicked out!

  • nanda muyaq

    why am i so fat need tolose weight good thing osn down

  • Tired Customer


  • Paul Griffiths

    Although i am as keen as everybody else to go back onto psn we have to wait till they are 100% certain that there security systems are good enough not to let the hackers pull it down again, just imagine the hell to pay if that were to happen a few days after they turned it back on !,
    I love the way sony are protecting the usa with a package for credit card fraud makes me feel uk is not as important to the sony empire.
    I also believe they know exactly when it will be back on but to let us know may damage them more, hence the in a few days ect. they have made a s tragedy as to how to treet us and they must now keep to it, how many would of defected to xbox if they came out with psn will be up in another 4 weeks time ?, hence the no date s tragedy.

    • brendan

      i read that UK will be provided credit card fraud protection too 🙂

  • adnan qayum

    you dogs going to ps1

  • ps3

    xbox is for battys

  • Jocke

    I have just discovered that there is a sun and that the fresh air makes me feel good 😀

  • ray

    I agree…Booooo!

    • ray

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  • bobby

    sony everyone is sick of your bs. we just wanna game and not every time you guys update us you say the same thing over and over again with no results, and no distinct timeframe to when server will be back up online so the dedicated kids playing will be able to game again. xbox does not have these problems and issues by the looks of it your losing a lot of business thnx for being unreliable……

  • pat

    Bye bye Sony, bye bye Sony, bye bye Sony ,bye bye!

    • nanda muyaq

      ribery is the best nanananana u lot are dogs all about the ps1 brrrrrrrrah

  • pat

    Bye Bye Sony. to much Bull!

    • nanda muyaq

      stfu get a life before i whack you one

  • njscrewball

    Boooo time for xbox