Increase Nintendo 3DS Battery Life with Hyperkin 3DS Powerplus

By Jamie Pert - May 9, 2011

Do you sometimes wish that your Nintendo 3DS lasted that bit longer? If so we have a great product to tell you about which increases the handheld’s battery life, this is called the Hyperkin 3DS Powerplus.

If you attach the Powerplus to your 3DS you will get double the battery life thanks to an additional 1800mAH battery, if you are worried about it being bulky and intrusive you don’t have to worry it allows access to all the ports etc, also it weighs just 2.2oz and is just 1/4″ thick.

The battery inside the 3DS has a capacity of 1300mAH therefore the extra 1800mAH will be a welcome addition, the Powerplus has its own LED indicatior letting you know how much battery life is left, also its design gives the 3DS a bit of extra grip.

We have embedded a picture of the Hyperkin 3DS Powerplus below, as you can see it does add a little extra bulk, however it is a small compromise for all the extra gaming time you will get.

Apparently the Hyperkin 3DS Powerplus will cost just $19.99 when it launches this summer, you can find out more about this 3DS accessory over at Will you be buying the Powerplus?

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  • ashfoxx

    Well, well. Now I can finally consider buying a 3DS. The battery life was what kept me from diving in, so I'll have to order this alongside the console. Hopefully by the time this releases, and I get the cash together for a 3DS, I'll also be able to pick up Starfox 64 3D and Mario Kart 3D.