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HTC EVO View 4G: Stylus Pen Requires Extra Money – Consumer Shock

We have some important news for those of you who are seriously considering picking up the HTC EVO View 4G tablet from Sprint. It has been reported that consumers will need to pay a separate free on top of the device if they want to make use of the stylus pen.

Considering that the stylus pen is an integral part of the overall features on the View 4G, you would have thought that retailers would include this in the box, but sadly it may not be the case with the View 4G, also known as the HTC Flyer.

Instead, customers may have to pay $80 or just below £50 on top of the tablet price in a move which is sure to enrage customers who are furious that HTC are trying to get a separate fee for an accessory that should be included in the box – are you one of these consumers?

So far, HTC are yet to respond to the consumer backlash, but the story is currently spreading around like wildfire. You can see a leaked image provided by BGR which shows the proof that the stylus is sold separately. Take a look and let us know your thoughts on this.

Has HTC made a huge mistake here in your opinion? Have you changed your mind about getting one, or is this a minor issue for you?



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