Google Chrome for PS3, Ideal Launch When PSN Back Up

By Jamie Pert - May 9, 2011

Late last year we posted an article which spoke about the possibility of the Google Chrome web browsing coming to the PlayStation 3, now almost six months later we are beginning to hear more, which got us thinking, will Chrome be there when the PlayStation Network returns?

A recent article posted on GizmoCrunch suggests that leaked code found in PS3 WebKit source code hinted that Sony’s console may be getting its own fully functional Chrome web browser, now we are wondering if this will be rolled out with the new firmware update which will hit the PS3 when the PSN is back online.

There are a few reasons why this is a good idea, firstly in terms of security Google Chrome has a solid reputation and regarded as unhackable by many (which is great news following such a high-profile security breach), also the downtime has given developers plenty of time to work on the software to ensure that when it hits the network it is as good as it can be.

We are sure that when Sony switch the PlayStation Network back on they will be heavily promoting what changes have been made, a fresh new web browser will undoubtedly be another great feature to talk about and will allow people to have a richer web browsing experience on their HDTVs.

Do you think Google Chrome will be there when the PSN is up and running and a new firmware update has been rolled out? Do you want it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Guest

    What I have to say to all those people saying "I will sell my PS3 and buy an xBox because i'm a whiny little 12 years old and can't live without being able to pester other players online" is: DO IT…Go on wtf are you waiting for??….I'm realy SICK of you people that the only thing you do online is cheat in mp and bother other players….go on and leave PS3, that way PSN will become a place for people with patience, normal behavior and a LIFE!!!….But when your xBox gives you its famous RRoD and starts stealing money from your parents pockets, don't come crying back to PS3 to continue pestering…Anyway, Sony take your time and bring back PSN better than ever!!!

  • Rebirth

    it's going to be funny when xbox 360 gets hacked like psn and the people who traded in their systems for a xbox 360 will probably commit people who traded in their systems enjoy the rrod c:

  • gaga

    you guys are all farts haha nerds mmmmmmmeeeeeooooowwwwwwww

  • Fart

    what the fart is going on im swiching to x box screw this

  • mack

    wow alot on the ps3 i just got mine and im thinking of already returning it
    come on playstation network ill give you one week then im going to xbox

  • Double Aught Code

    Chrome UNHACKABLE?!? I just googled "Crhome DEP" and WEEEEHAAAAWWW!!! Sorry to say that its relaince on HTML exlcusivity seems to be its downfall. Although I would LOVE a more compliant browser via the XMB, lets face it the one one the PS3 current is like running Windows 3.1 or something. So as long as they also add some type of ability to enhance the 'packet filtering' via options in the XMB(kinda like a firewall …or god forbid an ACTUAL firewall).

    Both of those would be a plus to the PS3 itself and help me feel better about the whole deal.

  • pkpistol

    @jay you can still watch your netflix on your ps3 after it tries to log in twice it will take you to the netflilx menu and away you go

  • Bill

    You can always buy my product it's called Xbox, i only charge a small monthly fee for games you already own. Wow this Sony playstation breach has really fattened up my wallet !!! Good thing because Apple has really been taking a big slice of my pie lately. With Sony out of the equation maybe i can return to being the worlds richest man. Have a nice day everyone. Sincerely yours, Mr. Gates

  • greame

    Sony is adding cross game chat, there also adding a shortcut so that when a messeage is sent to you u just press the ps button and it takes you straight to it, dunno why you's are switching to xbox because when's psn is back up you'll. See how much better it is thn the old one and xbox then you'll wnt your pps3 back. The hacker will probaly think tht there will b more people on xbox and then hack xbox

  • max

    Haha I laughter at all of you saying xbox has equal graphics with the ps3 , plz tell me who is the only console that uses blue ray disks and technology , umm I know this one and what does xbox use oh that's right a normal hd drive pretty shit if you ask me , shame all new movies are blue ray now not hd , plz xbox kids stay there and play them and be quiet , and to all you people saying I'm going to go buy a xbox plz pretty plz can you buy them and get of my cod servers and you will be all doing us a favour , and no I'm not a fan boy I use pc but I just like proving xbox wrong

  • domino

    while the network is down at least i'm practising on the f1 2010

  • sum1

    i jst noticed isnt this like if we have a ps2? its not that bad without the network

    • ExileOfDreamZ

      lol No Cus The Ps3 Isn't Backwards Compatible If It Was Then There Wouldn't Be So Much Complaining About The PSN Network

  • Rob

    I am also frustrated at Sony!! My frustration, if true, comes mainly because (if true) they had NO firewall and was running what many described as outdated software, opening the PSN Network up to what has now happened. In regards to jumping ship and purchasing an X-box 360! Don't forget that not only will you have to pay for the service but you will have to re-purchase all those games you like, which also seems like it would be quite a bit!! If there is one thing I have learned and that is not to make an impulsive decision that is emotionally based!! Also, I have developed a loyalty / commitment to Sony and those people for whom I have met online, and find it rather selfish merely to leave my friends and much better game console! Sony has definitely learned a lesson; and those who remain with them will truly benefit from their new and improved restructuring. Not to mention their appreciative package they intend to employ! Sony I'm 100% behind you and will continue to support you!! Oh, and whether it means anything but I have been happily married for 14 years, despite ups and downs!! Loyalty people, it means a lot! Signed, Frustrated but committed to Sony!

  • ashfoxx

    Ignoring all the 'idiot' comments about switching to xbox, I would LOVE to see google chrome being implemented into PSN.

  • Eric

    "Xbox 360 it's a Ps2 w. a better processor "

    This is interesting given that the original Xbox had a better processor and better graphics than the ps2. Hence the reason PS3 made sure to have better power than xbox360 this time…. and the release orders were inverse as well. What an unintelligent remark.

  • Bon

    Cough XBOX LIVE cough :L its clearly the better online

  • jay

    I had to go to a buddies house to play black ops on the 360 to get rid of my withdrawls and i hate the controls i will most def. wait it out but its hard not being online, not only that i have to watch netfix on my wii now which really sucks but hopefully when it comes back it will be better then ever i love my ps3

    • paco

      you can still watch netflix on the ps3…just keep logging in and like by the third time the screen goes away and netflix works perfect.

  • no name

    i got no problem w8in im still gone go 4 ps3

  • darkdexter4isgay

    @darkdexter4 u have obviously never played uncharted 2 or killzone 3

  • Donald

    If PSN isn't up by May 31st i'll sell my ps3 and start working on my PC 😀 Fuck Xbox 360 it's a Ps2 w. a better processor

  • Mickey

    The PS3 is still good for games, playing online can wait, its not that big of a deal for me, Im not that great at online games anyway. I prefer RPGs on consoles, and strategy on my laptop. If u wanna play online, play them on ur computer. They are better on them anyway.

  • JC213

    i am a hardcore ps3 gamer. I play anything i can get my hands on anytime even if its a really stupid game. i spend a lot of time in front of my ps3 and since its been down i still play but im not complaining. all of you guys are switching to xbox because u have no patience. its only been a few weeks. we gotta wait months for new games. i know i waited years for god of war 3. when the system is back up and u gave yours away, ill laugh when you guys are kicking yourselves in the ass. Stop sitting around waiting. go out and get a life while the psn is down but if thats too hard for you then play the story mode of youre favorite game on the hardest difficulty, thats what its there for.


    • Hassan

      I'm not mad at sony for not putting the network up, it's the fact that they gave us false hope that pissed me off. They said on may 3 it would be up and then they broke their promise. But, I'm also a patient person like you and won't go and buy an xbox. Anyways, I'll add you when psn goes back up.

      Username: Khatib22

  • Plucky101

    When playstation is @full strength xbox is lagging behind I know how frustrating it is havent missed a day of gaming for 38 months thanks for breaking my record Sony stick with it can't be to much longer now.

  • Khi

    no one gives two shits! we justwant online gaming! that's it!

  • darkdexter4

    xbox isnt expensive at all . 2 years of gold 4 80 bucks . how much 4 2 years of play station plus ??? which is essentially 360 gold membership . plus no 1 is hacking xbox ? they took there lumps in stride so the customer didnt suffer in the end . xbox had been pirated since the beginning playstations turn . thats what happens when u attack a hacker they retaliate . by the by xbox graphics r in no way inferior . sell those ps3s and come on over 2 xbox i say .

    • What about those two weeks that Live was down? Every console has their problems. Switching to a new one when you can't play online for a few weeks is pretty childish. I'm being patient and I play a MMO through SOE as well. Just get over it and wait, jeez ….

    • Ryan

      Since when is PlayStation Plus essentially Xbox LIVE Gold? PlayStation Plus is an OPTIONAL service that gives you free games, discounts and early access in betas every month. Xbox LIVE Gold is mandatory if you want to do all the things PSN does for free. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

      And when it comes to exclusives, the 360 is inferior in terms of graphics. They're still impressive, but the 360 just can't match up to the likes of Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2, to name a few.

  • Azzman

    They should sort out blak ops zombies!!! So annoyingggg wen host ends! Continue an switch host like in multiplayer i dont care if it takes a minute!! I was at lvl 34 and host ends,dat was 3 weeeeks ago HURRY UP

    • Ryan

      That's not Sony's problem. Blame Treyarch for not having a host migration system in Zombies.

  • RED

    I don’t like google chrome

  • Tommy

    Agree with Neil. Very sad if you cannot do something other than play your game console for one month

    • Neil

      Thanks Tommy 🙂

  • sony is a failuer

    i think they should do this chrome thing but after 31th may.
    sony now doing the worst service for costumers, i wish i could change my ps3 to xbox but it is not by my hand.
    sony, u are group of big loosers.

  • raghav

    @brandon-r the graphicsbetter than ps3???

    • klatu

      They are pretty much equal. Some specific games look better than others, but pretty equal across the board. I have a LG 50in plasma and they both look beautiful on any given game. It sucks tho, because they have SOOOO many of the same games, it becomes "which version do I buy?" every trip to gamestop. Thank god I have both too, Id be going nuts right now without online…
      But short answer, they are both awesome. The only one that ACTUALLY sucks is the Wii. Not even HD! Well, until the next nintendo system anyways…

  • Brandon

    I traded in my ps3 yesterday and it's the best thing I've done! It already has cross game chat and all I love this xbox I shouldve done this a long time ago but thanx Sony for the little bit of fun you gave me!!!!! Xbox is alot of fun

  • vodka_n_coke

    im seriously thinking of gettin rid of my ps3 as i am sooo sick of this

  • Neil

    Pathetic! Why would u sell your ps3 because the network had gone down? Don't get me wrong it is very annoying but why would any person dream of buying and inferior console? It's been a few weeks and rumour has it will be a few more but those moaning about high cost rentals will only be moaning about the cost of xbox live when they downgrade. Why not stretch your legs? Play some tennis or football and get some colour in your cheeks. Imagine when the day comes when the web comes crashing down! Some people seriously need to get a life!

    • damian

      thank you! lol ur like the only one that agrees with me!

      • Yup

        I think think most sane people feel this way. But most sane people also don’t read the comments to articles, much less post, as they already know what will be in comments. Nothing new to see here, so they move along. I actually kinda hope a lot of people sell their PS3’s, when this network does come back up I anticipate it will be slow and possibly heavily broken…less traffic because of console jumpers will likely help.

      • tristin

        Your idiots. Its an opinion. Maybe to them xbox is superior now. Oh and your little ps3 fanboy attitude is a big reason why ps3 is put down. But hey. There both good

        • Neil

          over 4 and half years I have had 1 ps3 die on me compared to friends who have gone through at least 3 or 4 xbox's, I'm no fan boy, just sensible and know when not to get mugged off. you do the math!

    • Waldo

      Right on there. some people need to work on getting rid of that computer tan.

      Yeah, it’s a pain having psn down, but it’s not the end of the world. Jeez. Why would I sell my console and all my games and have to start again rebuilding a new game library?

      Anyway, there’s too many good games on the ps3 that don’t exist on either pc or 360.

      Patience friends, patience……

    • klatu

      Many people, particularly the young, have little to do these days other than videogames and social networking. They dont play football in the street as much as they used to, they dont shoot hoops at the park. They dont make soapbox derby racecars, they dont bust out the cardboard and have breakdance battles on the corner either (I used to get DOWN once upon a time). Why do you think we have an obesity epidemic in this country? We have all gotten lazy. Kids especially. Sadly, the online community is the closest thing to "playing with friends" some kids get these days. Just saying, kind of harsh to say "get a life" considering these kids think that IS their life.

      • guest

        So true, maybe we should say its time for a "Lifestyle Change!"

  • Matthew

    PSN needs to be back up in its simplest – but still completely secure – form as soon as possible. Despite the fact Sony are losing money, they are also losing customers and while I am patient, I am also losing faith to a degree. Even if we get 3 or 4 firmware updates in a week or a month bringing promised features I dont care, but there must be a secure way of re-establishing the link between PS3 for at least some online gaming.
    However, when the system reboots fully, I really hope that the many flaws in the XMB, browser, multitasking, cross game chat have also been addressed, because these and many others are things that the community have been crying out for, since launch, and have yet to see.
    I am happy to wait a little longer, but priority #1 has got to be the network, the frills can wait.
    Incidentally, I would prefer Firefox or at least the option to choose.


    i went to blockbuster today to rent another game as i keep completing them, when i walked in there was a lad trading in his ps3, on my way out there were a couple getting out of their car with two more ps3's to trade in, give it a few more days and i will have to seriously consider getting rid of mine too as rentals alone are costing me a fortune!

    • Hokoga

      have you ever thought of getting Gamefly?

  • Rommi

    Wow. Ok, I'll wait. But if the PSN is not up by May 31st… There is really no excuse. Oh, and i'll be buying a Xbox 360 and selling my PS3.

    • sam ablewhite

      seriosely whats with the dislikes, ps3s been down for more than 3 weeks, there trying to make up for it by installing stuff like google chrome, they should have given us a date for when it would be back on again, as soon has they realised the full scale of the situation, n if it was may the 31st i would have defo got a 360

      • Martk

        Problem is, Xbox is a has-been console, with no games, and it';s ran out of steam.

        Anyone trading in has to be an idiot. PSN will be back way before May 31st. That's more press misinformation (which seems to be the norm of late).

        You won't be seeing Chrome soon either. Do people REALLY think there are people sat around with enough time to integrate Chrome? It needs integrating at at level that it does not break existing games that rely on built in browser. I have it on good authority that it's actually Opera thats coming to PS3 as a paid-for app.

  • duane

    im getting sick of hearing all this crap about sony playstation network when all i want to hear is sony playstation network is back online and for it to be actually online instead of all these stupid rumors going around which is total bullshit. do you really think ps3 owners are going to wait untill the 31st of may i dont think so. i wont wait that long just to play online ill go to xbox 360 there is no doubt about that and all my freinds are already considering it right now. sony if your going to bring it back on the 31st dont even bother your wasting your time.

    • PSN iRAW_KraY_ZE

      `hurry up and move u spoilt brat, if you got a brain like that you seriously belong to xbox. go get a life without a console for a while u plank!!

  • Unknown

    To be honest I don't even think they should be worrying about putting a new browser in. The only thing that they should be worrying about right now is just getting PSN back up, because this is getting ridiculous. Were on the 18th day now. Today when i walked past Game stop I saw at least 30 people buying an xbox. If sony doesn't want to continue to lose players then they need to get their act together.

    • alex

      really 30 ppl in line? lol