Droid Bionic: Boot Animation Excites before Release Date

By Alan Ng - May 9, 2011

We know a lot of you are patiently waiting for further updates with regards to the official Motorola Droid Bionic release date, but we have something else which may be of interest to you while we wait for the handset to arrive this Summer.

As with all the previous Droid handsets that Motorola release, the boot animation that is featured on each device is often a subject of great interest. You’ll be pleased to hear that even though the handset isn’t even close to a release yet after it’s delay, we now have the official start-up animation to show you.

As we told you here, the Droid Bionic has been delayed until this Summer and Motorola has confirmed that the device will undergo cosmetic changes with a brand new form factor. We’re presuming that the features that Motorola announced at CES for the device at CES 2011 will largely remain in tact. These include things like a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, a 4.3-inch display, a high quality camera with separate front-facing camera and other hardware delights.

Don’t forget of course that the Bionic will also feature 4G LTE data support through Verizon’s new network. Until we get any new release information though, check out the boot animation in the video clip provided by PocketNow, and let us know your thoughts on it.

Are you getting the Droid Bionic this Summer?

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  • guest

    I'm staying with the V. I just tried a HTC Incredible2 and it is a horrid phone that my original Droid smokes. I expressed my concern and they took it back and tore up the contract putting me back to my original contract refunding me in full.
    I'll wait.

  • Kevin

    I've been with Verizon since their start-up, and am get frustrated with the constant delays, excuses and hardware issues when new devices are launched. they are about to lose 18 customers (family included) if they don't get over the games and start acting like a wireless company and compete with the companies that are about to take their business! One compatable phone (barely) at 4G launch?!? Come on! I was ready to purchase this after being told when I got the Droid X last summer after one of Verizon's salesman ensured me that an upgrade would be available so it would be compatable with the 4G network. After a long debait on how I did not see that posible, purchased anyway. If they don't come out with something worth while and soon we're gone!

    • MikeyVos

      Then you have fun with your crappy "4g" from other carriers… The reason verizon takes longer to get there product out is because it is quality product and service…. 4g from verizon is by far the best and they want to make sure it is good for the consumer. I have been with them as long and there is a reason that we are both still with them….. they are the best…..

    • jackie robinson jr

      the delays and hardware issues are not the problem of vzw it's the issue with the manufactor…dude get a life and if you dont know by now a salesperson will tell you anything to make you buy something right now. do better research before implusing purchasing….I'm SURE vzw will not be upset if 18 people walked away due to a misunderstanding and I'm even more sure you'll come running back

    • Dawn

      My boyfriend had been with AT&T for more years than I had been with Verizon, and I convinced him to come over (which he looked into things himself, too) and THEN he even convinced his parents to switch, too. My ex had been with AT&T and I switched them to Verizon when we got married. Verizon's service AND customer service can NOT be beat. Those were the two key factors in my boyfriend switching.

      Regarding the impulse buying. I can tell you that I am one of those customer's that the salespeople HATE! I go in knowing more than they do and often times will convince OTHER customers to do something that the sales person was not. I don't push my opinion on anyone, I will tell them my opinion, but I will give the facts that back up my opinion, and let them decide. I have NEVER gotten a phone based on what a salesperson said. I LOVE the Motorola Droid Family, but absolutely HATED all the Razr's. I can't tell you how many times they would try to convince me to get one, and I never faltered. you should do the same.

  • boss

    1 gb of Ram, 4.5" screen, dual core
    Giving up on bionic already,
    Samsung with dual core is the way to go.

  • Josh

    How does anyone know whether or not the phone is close to a release date> Motorola said sometiume during the summer, which starts this month. Could come out in May, June or July. So saying we are nowhere near it's release date is just inaccurate.

  • Bob

    When is this phone coming out, I am tired of waitng…I want a date and price

  • Mark

    Ideally, I would never see a boot screen, as I only reboot a phone when it locks up.

  • J-Dawg

    I really really want this device, but more than I'm sick of waiting I'm sick of the lack of transparancy with a release date. Just get on with it already. Thunderbolt was SUCH a disaster, that they're really leaving us hanging in the4g department