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Apple Store becomes Fighting arena as iPad 2 and White iPhone 4 China launch gets physical

It seems the popularity of the iPad 2 does not just stop in the western world but also right across the Globe as China has apparently been demonstrating. The demand for the device was that great that they apparently sold out in 4 hours.

Today we have news that there have actually been fights due to the amount of people and the popularity of both the iPad 2 and the white iPhone 4. The news comes from an article at AppleInsider which reported that when the launch began on Friday a riot broke out.

The riot was allegedly between those tech fans that actually wanted the iPad 2 for themselves and scalpers hoping to get their hands on one in order to make a profit.

Although exact details of what happened are vague it is reported that the scalpers got physical with the Apple Store staff. Four people were sent to hospital and the store’s glass door was shattered. Check out the full article at AppleInsider by clicking the link above.

Did you manage to get your hands on and iPad 2 or White iPhone 4? Did anything like this happen at a store near you? Let us know in the comment s below.



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