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Alan Wake 2 Release Confirmed via LinkedIn

Last year Remedy Entertainment‘s psychological thriller Alan Wake was released, this game was well received by critics and despite being an Xbox 360 exclusive it sold very well, now it looks like Alan Wake 2 could well be on its way.

According to ScrawlFX it looks like someone’s LinkedIn profile may have confirmed the games existence, a previs artist named Althea Suarez Gata mentioned the game on LinkedIn, if you check out this link you can see what she said.

Althea appeared to let it slip that she worked with Halon Entertainment on some in-game cinematics for Alan Wake 2, Halon Entertainment claims to be dedicated to the art of film making, advertising and development and by the looks of things they may have worked with Bungie on Halo: Reach.

Since ScrawlFX posted on their blog Althea’s LinkedIn profile has been amended and no-longer mentions Alan Wake 2, to us this sounds like she may have leaked this news inadvertently and deleted it as soon as she realized what she had done.

We wonder if we may see an Alan Wake 2 trailer next month at E3, perhaps we will see some of her artwork. Do you think a sequel should be made?



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