Sphinx-like 2011 Infiniti M56x

We have heard cars described as many things before, but Sphinx-like for the 2011 Infiniti M56x is certainly a first for us. Although the car itself is a luxury sedan, beneath it hides a muscle car waiting to be unleashed, the only things that gives it away are those bulging front wings. The car reminds us a little of Dwane “The Rock” Johnson giving us the gun show.

Most cars like this are unable to pull it off, but the 2011 Infiniti M56x manages to keep both aspects apart from each other – that is until you put your right foot to the floor and nail it. The new sedan produces 420 horsepower from its 5.6-liter, V8 engine, and thanks to an all-wheel drive system, nasty surprises are kept at bay.

What is so great about the new Infiniti M56x is how the car is just as happy giving you and your family a smooth and quiet drive; the V8 engine plays a major part in that. Do not expect a great return in fuel, 16 mpg/city and 23 mpg/highway, but when you consider how much power is under that hood, things do not seem all that bad after all.

There are a few upgrades that you can go for, but the ultimate would be the electronic technology package, which will cost $3,000. However, you will never need anything else from the array of extras that you get. More of which is explained over at BostonHerald.

For those looking for even more, then you can opt for the deluxe touring package at a cost of $3,800. One of the main features of this is the 16-speaker Bose system. The only problem with this is, the sound will drown out the sweet sound from the monster that hides beneath the hood.

What are your first thoughts on the 2011 Infiniti M56x?



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