Snail concept reads for visually impared with Braille-to-speech translation

When it comes to concept designs we are all aware by now that they don’t always make it to the production line. Another thing we know about concepts are their designs are often unique and today we have news of another unique concept design called the Snail.

This handheld device is actually capable of reading Braille and can also translate and record it for future playback. If you’ve ever been curious as to what something written in Braille says but are unable to read it yourself, with this device you can now.

Designed with the visually impaired in mind the Snail uses a touch pad that is pressure sensitive to run over passages of Braille and translates to speech making the sometimes tedious reading process quicker.

By placing their thumb in the device users are able to run it over the passage which is then translated into audio through the Bluetooth headset or the speaker it has. Check out Yanko Design for more information about the design.

What do you think of the Snail? Would you need a device like this? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Carpe

    Personally I have no use for such a device, but I can definitely see a niche market.

    Depending on its processing speed and ability to keep up with the reader, it could bring audio type books to the hearing impaired, giving them one additional sense to use and hopefully providing them with further depth of the reading experience.

    Keeping up would be the lynch pin here though. I’ve seen some persons read by braille zip through books like a teenager at a pizza bar, and would think they’d get tired of playing wait for the reader. If it keeps up though, they’d probably give it a shot for those lengthier tomes where it could get tedious after the third-hundred page.


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