Internally PSN Is Back Up Online

By Jamie Pert - May 7, 2011

According to a recent post on the official PlayStation Blog the PlayStation network is back up internally, this means that it is being tested before the PlayStation Network goes back online globally.

The blog entry states that Sony is currently testing the new system internally, also outside entities are working with Sony to confirm the new network’s security is up to scratch..

At the end of the blog entry Sony once again apologised for the downtime, they also addressed the fact that they previously stated that the PSN would be back up by now, they say that this statement was made before they new the true extent of the security breach.

Obviously the testing period will cause even more frusration for PS3 gamers, however it is necessary to ensure that hackers do not compromise the PSN in the future. There could be further snags if the outside entities who are testing the PSN manage to hack it easily, but that is better than launching the PSN only to find that hackers embarass Sony once again.

We will have to keep you posted when Sony tell us more about the testing period and give us hints towards a live date. How much longer are you willing to wait?

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  • richard barnes

    hey why you not up yet !!!!!!!!!!! every one please coment !! the game part has nothing to do with pay part right or im i just wrong . please coment faithfull gamer.

  • richard barnes

    if you dont like what you heir sony fix the problem lol!!!! when people make coments that are negative there realy telling you to hury up all ready. when you dont keep your word what do you exspect. i will be here waiting for you to do what you say butt even im descuriged by the semi lies . just give a day an time ! sooner is better than later!! every day you loose stock , and faithfull buyers, an we are the ones that make every body happy at end of the day. fix the (play game site) an a lot of your problems go a way i think they are separte right !!!!!!! faithfull sony player & buyer.

  • richard barnes

    i think that the game part should be separated from pay part !!!! we should be able to play why they fix the rest of their problems. right! gameing part realy has nothing to do with pay part . please coment i would like no why that cant happen to day!!!!!!! thanks faithfull player of sony products .

  • Mike Kelco

    i've lost 20lbs not playing the PS3 since it has been down. Thanks Sony!!!

  • guest

    If Sony starts charging for PSN after this, I'll get rid of the system altogether.

  • jc_

    i'll just support Sony through there tough times.

  • kouram

    Im sure they care they are just incompetent to fix it!!!!! Big corporations only care about profit and they know that since there is some competition nothing is safe. every year they want more profit so they cant rely on something they need to improve what they have. So stop saying they dont care, Ofc they do u give them money and in time were there is high competition the consumers needs have to be fullfilled and they know it, or else the consumer will look for something else that might fullfil those needs.
    So my conclusion is that they care (because of profit of course) but they are incompetent to do it.

  • randomdude

    I don't really get why they are so keen on securing PSN now that the damage is done. It's not like anyone in their right mind is going to give them their credit card info ever again anyway. And it's pretty much a given that the rushed solutions they're putting into place now are going to fall over the next time there's an attack.

  • Loosenuts35

    Well people this is just my take on this whole sceme of things…….has anyone thought about the idea that sony did all of this just to see how everyone would react with not having the network up?…..think about this, now that they have seen everybody's reaction which is mostly negative…….now they know people will do just about anything to have their online gaming that GUESS WHAT?…..yep u guessed it, time to start charging a monthly subscription for playstation network! Nice plan sony but i don't think so!!!!

  • randomgirlcommenting

    I can't wait!!! C'mon sony plz put ps3 bak online. Even tho im 11 i really love ps3!!!! But now that i hear of the HACKERS!!!!!!! This is crazy! But this shouldn't take that long to "test" a system like ps3. The updates don't even take this long. This is the first time in MONTHS (Because of our big test) that i don't get homework and now THIS HAPPENS?! I mean like seriously? jeez -_-

  • Lewis

    Why don't everyone just wait sony are trying there best to get it back up and running so let them get on with it there doing all they can To please us it's not there fault

  • Guest

    I have been keeping an eye on this topic since the outage started and although its an inconvenience I have survived. What I cannot believe is the no lifes, who apparently have had their lives desimated by this, my god what would happen if a real disaster had occured? Just goes to show that civilisation is but a show!


    is it back up????

    • blubeast43

      Not yet, but soon due to internal testing

  • Asdeft

    Man this is lame! I wanted to play Homefront so bad after not playing it for like a month and having it sit on the shelf, then this happens. 🙁 I can wait, however, I go to school and its better to focus on my presentation and other work for a while. I am an absolute Sony fan, so I do not care how long they take, just do it RIGHT! Get it WHEN ITS READY as I would like to play Homefront and BC2, but I am in no rush. DO IT RIGHT!

  • HERO

    This is bullshit Sony! I have 2 PS3's 50-60 games and can't play anything other than single player shit I've already done. I tried to sell one of my PS3's on Kijiji to raise money to buy 360 and got laughed at. Can't even sell the worthless machines or games now. I'm tired of the lies and almost non existent communication from Sony. This is 18 nights in a row now with no games. Sony SUCKS !!!!!!!


      Replay the games, or old games you have. And at least ps3 is free…and they give us two free games as well when its back up. more than xbox will give if they got hacked

  • Anonymous..ironic

    bull**** it ain't comming up at all if i had money to blow i would have bought an xbox a couple days ago witch i really don't want to do there simply stringing us along and along for days on end after the end of this week they will say by next week or within this week for as long as they can they obviously got f**ed pretty hard because if they were just testing there "new network" they would have put it online by now. at this point i don't have much hope at all for every day i play boring combat training against retarded bots and try to sign in and get Playstation network down for "maintenance" i lose more and more hope thanks for nothing sony.

    • JDEdwards

      You shouldnt of hacked them then

  • ashfoxx

    I love how Sony says they will reward it's customer's patience with free content once PSN is back online. Judging by these comment posts, Sony will have a hell of a time weeding out the impatient whiners, and making sure they get nothing.

  • tony

    Sony is doing nothing about the psn they make so much money off other things they sell y the hell should they worryabout a free system its clear that they dont careabout their loyal customrs all they have is excuseses and delays ive been with sony since day but a real answer would help keep ur customers happyt

  • Cyrus

    1-2 days my ASS! hurry up PlayStation, you’ve lost your market, supporters, Enough is Enough just tell us a fucking date! even if you say like 1 month aT LEAST WE KNOW AND CAN JUST CHECK K THEN NOT EVERY FUCKIN DAY, you said 1-2 when it happens then you said the week after, now your saying this week and hello?!? its Saturday and no psn is up! quit being failures as a company and just tell us!

  • sebastian

    we all know this sucks ¡¡¡¡ but really more i think suck is the xbox . and sony please fix it up quikly 🙁

  • GimmiePSN

    The first time I actually wanted to play PSN for like over months.. THIS HAPPENS. Please Sony i'm getting bored waiting for PSN to be up.

  • OoOoOo

    i think sony is making money off our information… theres no real hackers, they all just wanted a vacation so they sold our info to pay for a luxory cruise lol
    Im getting about 10x the amount of spam in the last week my inbox went from 50 emails to 372 and it seems like its getting worse

    SOOOOOO …. almost 3 weeks now? whats going to be the excuse next week? its ok cause microsoft has my back… my xbox knows how to treat me right. the ps3 is now just an overpriced blue ray player

  • Ethan

    I only have a Ps3, and when i got it, i was afraid of shitty connection, but there is none, but of course as soon as i get CoD Black Ops, it goes down, and like 3 weeks counting. YOUR A FUCKING MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY! FIX IT!
    Not winning. 😛

  • thisguy


    I am a ps3 only user and it hasnt affected me at all. I have a life so I can easily go 3-4weeks without playing online. whenever it happens it happens…

    Hopefully they take the opportunity to reinvent the network, not just build it the same but better. Also, we need a new OS layout, the XMB is so 2006 ( and give us chrome already instead of that shitty browser )

  • Whoreallycares?

    I have an xbox, ps3 and a wii. The network being down hasn't affected me like it has ps3 only users. I will say that 95% of my online play was on the ps3…but having the xbox has allowed me to continue killing noobs and leveling up. Take your time sony, i'll wait.

  • Papenko

    Sony should give customers the way to sell ours ps3, games, dlc, themes etc. The should buy our stuff. Then sell us xbox and games. Thats it, thats the end of the game. A company of online game without online its not serious. I think they are waiting for tokio opening to this monday, they are losing investing money, 6 % down.

  • herman

    Sony seriously?? I can't believe your taking this long.. its not like you guys to not get dates of reactivation. Somethings not right

    • blubeast43

      Yh they've been hacked…..They have to rebuild there whole system, and test thats why there unsure.

  • Daniel

    we should get black ops map pack for free without waiting a month i dont know why they couldnt just give us the map pack it cant be that hard 2 do i would even still pay for it if we got it early…………….

    • Trey

      y do so many say we should get free map packs treyarch had nothing to do with sony getting hacked y should they give it to us for free although i wouldn't complain if they did

      • Daniel

        i know they had nothing to do with it but it owuld be nice to get it i would still pay for it

    • Derek420

      Black ops has a contract with microsoft they get all the downloadable content a month before sony i think for either a year or two. but it sucks so no matter what we'll have to wait a month they cant breach that contract

      • Daniel

        yeah i read that ps3 might be getting dlc before xbox in the future that would be nice but i think we should all be equal and get eveything at the same time sounds fair


    This sucks & sorry but I think I speek 4 many when I say we don't realy care about the tech side of this sittuation . We want 2 be able 2 play the games that we pay $60.00 a pop 4 & if we fall back 2 another game . The system needs an update that you can't provide . 2 put it simple,my $350.00 PS3 skinny is useless 2 me . We all have invested a lot of $ into these toys & now we honesly don't know if or when It will be any use 2 us . When an investment starts going bad smart buissness men sell their stock while it still holds value . I've been loyal 2 PS since the 1st system but it may be time 4 me 2 sell & reinvest my $ in2 a X-BOX 360 ELITE !

  • blubeast43

    ok enoughs enough, im tired of being led on. today im selling my ps3 and purchasing an xbox, thanks for nothing sony

    • blubeast43


  • Dave

    Getting so bloody tired of all the excuses and this wait is rediculous now!!! they should at least get the gaming side back up so we can at least play!!! playstation! hello its in a name people! no one cares about sonys problems!!! ive even found myself thinking about putting my ps3 on ebay and going back to the xbox 360!!!

    sony are pissing us all off now with all this sh***** and excuses! the network should be back up now!!! not soon or in a few days sony!!!!. Dont get me wrong! ive always loved sony and the ps3 when it came out 🙂 but this has really put dout in my mind about alot of things and douts about sony even giving a sh*t about us gamers anymore!!!! ……………………………to Sony, get it up now!!!! no more excuses!!! we dont care anymore!….

    • whats YOUR name?

      First of all if they brought it up right now the secruity of the psn would be really low and the hackers would cut off the network AGAIN and you would have to wait more. Seems like you are REALLY crazy for games, I mean it's just for entertainment.Not freaking out like a idiot. Sony did the right thing. They saved their multi-billion dollar company. So please think about it instead of (if sony listened to you which is IMPOSSIBLE anyway) screwing things more.

    • Rich

      It's a free service… would you rather be paying money for a service that is down for this length of time?

      PSN is not a right, its a privilege and a damned nice one at that.

      Sony DOES care about gamers, which is why they're taking time to MAKE SURE that your information is safe and secure, which is far above and beyond most free service providers. Just think of the man hours and money that has gone into fixing this issue, let alone the sheer amount of loss that Sony will incur when they issue our "gifts" for waiting so long.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm as pissed off as the next guy, considering I just bought Portal 2 and would like to play co-op or get my PC copy, but I'm content with waiting to ensure that my personal information is secure.

  • simon

    C’MON sony tell us when will PSN be back online. i heard it was gone come online today so i left WORK early just to come online and guess what message i got PlayStation Network under maintenance.
    I hope its not a months time till ur back online.

  • Cast

    I'll wait the necessary time, sure thing is that i will never change to xbox. It's sad that psn firewalls and security were outdated, i just hope the psn doesnt get hacked again once it comes back.

  • Edward Reyes Serrano

    i cant wait!! anymore just put it backonline or my head is going 2 explode!

    • mario

      i do agree man just turn it on im exploden too..

  • Dano


  • DaBison

    Still no mention of a timeframe, great, thanks for that sony, even a rough idea would be good, I mean, how long does it take to "test" a system like PSN??? I have no idea and it would appear neither does Sony, so glad I decided to get xbox live!!!

    • DaBison

      Traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could just wait, but your loss your paying for Xbox live, rather than free PSN. I hope Xbox Live gets hacked when your playing it

  • Garry

    Really this whole episode has made it clear – to not have your "gaming eggs" in one basket.
    Initially i gave up p.c. gaming for the ease of use of the ps3.
    Now i have bought a gaming p.c. and will use both for different reasons and if the psn is down for maintenance a lot, after the relaunch i may use the p.c. more for games than the ps3 until things become stable

    • Bob

      You could have interests outside of gaming that would render your gaming eggs less important. I'm not happy that PSN is down, because I use it for entertainment, it's not the end of the world.

  • Pete

    Flip the switch it's time

  • black out J

    we all know in a year or 2 the new PS4 and the new XBOX 760 will be out can not wait i am a playstation player for life hate the xbox but we will wait and see wot the new xbox 760 is like

    • Drussaia

      xbox 720 u dumb fuck 360 plus 360 is 720 learn fukin math

    • anon

      yea thats my type of comment I HATE XBOX AND WILL BE A PSN USER FOR LIFE



    • Bob


  • black old J

    lets hope so 🙂