Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg Buys $7 Million House

The Facebook site has gathered fame and great popularity as one of the most visited websites in the world today, this has made the site’s founder a billionaire and now we are hearing that Mark Zuckerberg has bought a new home which cost him $7 million.

MSN Real Estate’s blog reports that his new house has a privacy wall, a saltwater pool and a gazebo with a fireplace. Inside this lavished exterior Zuckerberg has 5 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms and 2 half-bath rooms. Not too bad for a man of only 24 years old.

Zuckerberg is said to have a wealth of $13.5 billion and also won Time’s person of the year in 2010. We were surprised to hear that he only spent $7 million when you consider his wealth, we would have assumed he would have bought a palace, however the estate in Palo Alto California is close to the Facebook headquarters which will work out very beneficial for Zuckerberg.

With the continual improvements to the Facebook site things are only going to get better for Zuckerberg. Are you surprised to see that he only spend $7 million, let us know in the comments section below.



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