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Expanding Samsung Smart TV Apps Payment Options

Samsung Smart TV Apps is not even a year old yet, and already the company is expanding the payment options for its customers when they download them. This is also the case with the mobile apps as well. Now with this new way of paying, you will be able to pay for your apps in just two clicks, and will be charged to your cell phone.

You can still choose to pay for these apps using your credit card etc, but some customers will like this newest payment option, as it will be much easier for people. Having said that, those who have their cell phone contract on business had best not pay for their Samsung Smart TV apps on their account – what would the IRS say?

The rollout of this latest service began on April 28th in the U.S., and will expand to other countries throughout the year. In that time Samsung will surly launch yet newer features to their Smart TV range – have to love how other countries get left behind a little. However, at least this would give the consumer electronics maker enough time to iron out all of the bugs – if there is any.

Smart Gorillas says that Samsung is to run a new promotion to celebrate their expanding payment options with ‘Buy Hot Apps, Get Cool Gadgets!’ This means that for those of you who purchase an app from Samsung’s App Store within those dates will automatically be entered into a free prize draw. As yet we have no idea what the prizes will be, but anything free is good right?

How have you embraced Samsung’s Smart TV Apps?



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