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Walmart to start selling Amazon’s Kindle

eReaders have been in the news a lot lately as their popularity continues to grow. Recently it was announced that eBooks had overtaken the sales of paperbacks in the US for the first time. The Amazon Kindle was really the device that started the market along its way after it was first released by Amazon. Now there is news that Walmart is to start selling Amazon’s Kindle device.

Reuters are reporting that the company who have just been named top of the Fortune 500 list, will start stocking the device this week. The device can already be found in other retailers stores such as Best But and Target, but it will now be found in Walmarts 3,100 retail stores.

The Kindle has been the highest selling eReader device since it was first released in 2007, but more recently has come under increased competition from the Nook, and of course the iPad. The Wi-Fi and 3G Kindle’s will priced similar to what Amazon charge via its website, which starts at $114.

Whether Walmart might offer some promotions on the pricing remains to be seen, as Amazon wouldn’t want the device sold cheaper than what it charges itself. The retailer may offer some extra goodies to go with the device though.

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