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UFC 3 Gets 2012 Release Date, E3 Debut Will Blow People Away

If you was looking forward to the release of UFC 2012 this year we have some massive news for you today, there will be no UFC video game release in 2011, also it looks like the next game will be called UFC 3.

This news comes courtesy of VideoGamer, THQ’s core games boss, Danny Bilson, recently tweeted “Saw a killer demo of UFC 3 this week” and added “Will blow people away at E3”. Prior to this game an annual release schedule was preferred, however now it looks like an 18-month development cycle suits the publishers more.

The tweets confirm that there will be a playable demo at E3 2011 and from this we predict a demo will hit Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network before the game’s official release date, we are led to believe that this will occur during Q1 2012.

With pressure from EA MMA it seems as if the next UFC release has significant importance for the future of the game series, we can’t wait to see what will “wow” us at E3 2011. We think that the ground game, career mode and graphics could all be touched up next time round, how about you?

Who do you think should be UFC 3’s coverstar? Let us know in the comment section below.



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