Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer say’s sorry and offers identity insurance

By Gary Johnson - May 6, 2011

We recently told you that Sony were working on restoring the PlayStation Network, and were at the final testing stage. Now the downtime has gone past two weeks Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer say’s sorry, and offers identity insurance to Sony’s users.

TechRadar are reporting that Stringer has spoken for the first time since the problems first began, and is offering all US users of the PSN service, free identity theft insurance. The offer could cost the company at least $1 million in the US, and other countries will also be offered the deal in the coming days.

He also stressed that the company doesn’t think credit card information had been taken, but added that Sony was going “to monitor the situation closely”. He again apologized for the problems caused by the hack, and said people were working around the clock to get things up and running again.

He thanked the work of his team but admitted that Sony could have worked faster after the hack was originally discovered. It was claimed that Sony has hired some of the best teams available to help to sort through the problems. Stringer added that the service should be available soon and have “stronger defenses”.

Do you think Sony is doing enough? Will take up the offer of a free insurance policy?

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  • ashfoxx

    What? Why is the insurance only for US users? I am a US user, but shouldn't they offer it to all of their users too?

  • Gggfff

    Just got a ps3 and this shit is going on should have bought a xbox 360

  • Hisham5002

    When just tell mé when give us god Dam date for it and That is enough