Sony to offer two free games when PlayStation Network back online

By Gary Johnson - May 6, 2011

We told you earlier today that Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer had posted a letter apologizing for the PSN outage, and offering some free identity theft insurance for users. Now we have some more news on what else users can expect to get. According to the PlayStation EU Blog Sony is to offer two free games when the PlayStation Network is back online.

The post by Nick Caplin mentioned about the free insurance already offered to users in the US, and said it will become available in other countries as well with more details should be available early next week. The post then mentions the offer of some free games, with PSN users getting the choice of two games from a list of five.

Owners of the PSP will also get two games from a list of four; details of the free games will be made available soon. On the US PlayStation Blog there are more details of the insurance policy Sony is going to offer users. Within the next few days users will get an activation email for them to sign up and redeem their code.

You will then have until June 18 to do so and get your free 12 month policy from a company called Debix, Inc.Whatever your frustrations with Sony it looks like the company are trying to repair some of the damage done to its relationship with its customers.

What do you think of Sony’s offer?

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  • devin

    My ps3 has been send for repair of bluray it will be back in three weeks , when i got it back do i still get the 2 free games ?

  • alex

    i hope they are new 60 dollar games like shift 2 or gran turismo or l.a. noire

  • zaheem

    two games are good but im just wondering what will the games be and when will SONY be BACK!! i hate u anynomus i really do.This is wat i dont get how could a small gruop defeat sony i mean cmon sony i know ur powerful 😀

  • bogiemoto

    You guys are such children. Just give everyone a credit on their account so each user can get whatever they want. Then post all info they got on the hackers online. I think some redneck justice is in order. We are with you sony, we all have been screwed by these guys too!!!

  • microkidd

    Sony will be able to add Safer and Hack proof to its ads once they are back on line

  • yorkylinc

    If the list is this, then sony are a joke:
    Go! Suduku
    The Toad Mystery Files
    High Velocity Bowling

    Please be like this:
    Call of Duty World At War
    Battlefield Bad Company
    Grand Theft Auto IV
    Shaun White Snowboarding
    Killzone 2
    (Not the best games ever but just trying to be realistic)

  • will

    battlefield 3 would be or cycisi 2

  • JohnS

    A multi billion dollar corperation cant even sort this mess out! It's outrageous how long this is taking.

  • Daniel

    sony should just give us call of the dead map pack now without waiting a month

  • gigabait

    The free games are probably not going to be god of war or GT5 but rather "lets all enjoy barbie" "shooting range happy fun time for kids", "sucky mcballs-the worst game ever created" and Resistance 1 &2

  • Adam

    Two absolutely pointless shit games that only five year olds will want to play, how about giving people an actuall time when it will be back even if its July 22nd, intsead of ' it will be back on within the week' (Friday) Its Saturday and suprise suprise its not on because they have to get it right. O NO they know my email boo woo they can have it already get shit emails. O NO they might have my credit card details……Cancel your credit card simple. And dont give me this its free shit argument the reason I chose the PS3 over the xbox is that precise reason and when you buy one it says access to free psn.

  • Ernest

    Man I just hope the psn is.back as soon as possible!! I miss playin black ops and im tired of waitin so please sony do us all a favor and bring psn back as soon as possible please…this is not fair wat u guys have done sony its nt fair dat for some stupid people we all have to suffer.hell nah!!!

  • jason

    should give us new maps 4 black ops [just come out on xbox} so will be coming to psn soon personally dont give a f**k.JUST GET IT ON NEED 2 KILL SOMETHING

  • acidrain808

    I dont really believe that they are gonna give us 2 free games. If they do then I will take them but I am not getting my hopes up. I cant wait to play but it is taking a long time. People are complaining from all over the world. I am anxious but I can wait for it to be as secure as they keep saying it is going to be. I think they are holding off due to the weekend threat they received. I think that if Anonymous didnt do it then they should help catch the hackers to clear their name!

    • CarolinaNomad

      I agree acidrain. This sounds like Anonymous or someone from their group who went rogue. Either way, they should help. Because this type of attack doesn't represent their cause. They don't need the public against them. And considering I haven't heard or read any stolen identity or credit card theft caused by this breach only strengthens my belief Anonymous has a hand in this.

    • Harld

      check playstationeu its true why wouldn't u belive this do some real research

  • manb154

    i think sony's offer is fair. they are giving us a couple of free games, and we didn't even pay for the service. so this is just a gift for inconvenience. i am happy with the outcome, as long as sony gets PSN back online safely.

  • I know it's gay but it's them fuckers that hacked it, They want a smack -:(

    Sony is leaving it so long to make it better and more safe

    Like give Sony a brake !!

    • guest

      your a fag bowmanave…….. Thanks sony

  • Fernando

    Hope that there awesome games 🙂


    and SLAMMR likes free games too


    Yay, Navatron likes free games

  • Kris

    what if we are changing all emails associated with psn and just waiting for psn to come back online to change it on there…how will we get codes if we no longer use those emails

  • Xavier2010

    i just hope it doesn't take forever to get back on online, cause if not I have to thinking about going over unto Xbox 360. So playstation make us happy and believers, as to why we choice playstation over Xbox 360. Make us proud.

  • ashfoxx

    I think the insurance move will earn them a little more patience from me, and the free games will be a nice 'welcome back' present. Hopefully final testing goes well, and those bastard hackers find something better to do with their time.

  • Roman

    new zombie map would be better

  • akkennan

    better not be sum shite games ! make it outland & had core uprising and you will go some part to being equal

  • angie

    my most concern is my credit card and personal information being taken but i still love my ps3 i have xbox 360 and wii and other hand held electronic but things like that do happen i will just buy a ps3 gift card instead glad that they are taking action cause loves sony products

  • brendan

    2 free games ^^ SWEEEEET , i wasnt even using psn anyway due to my laggy connection, thanks sony 😀