SOFT Rockers use Motion and Solar Panels to Charge Handheld Devices

If you’re interested in modern design as well as saving the environment, you will be interested in the news that we have for you here. A piece of what can only be described as garden furniture has been designed by a team at MIT.

The design is called the SOFT Rocker, it takes the form of a lounge chair which is shaped like a raindrop and uses 35 watt solar panels to power its light strip. It also allows users to plug in and charge their electronic devices through USB ports.

As you can guess the chair rocks when sat on and uses the kinetic energy from the rocking motion for additional power. These rocking chairs are situated in MIT’s Killian Court and were the creation of Professor Sheila Kennedy with her team of students for FAST (Festival of Art+Science+Technology).

More information can be found in the article at by clicking the link where you will also find a gallery of pictures of the design.

What do you think of the energy saving SOFT Rockers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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