PSN Restoration After Hack: Final Testing Stage

By Peter Chubb - May 6, 2011

We have already heard the rumors that there could be a third attack on the PlayStation Network once back up online, but this is all just speculation. Sony has been working on the PSN restoration after the hack, and is now in the final testing stage. This is an internal test, and is very important – we just hope it all goes well.

The PlayStation Blog said that the final testing is not just for PSN, but also for SCE as well. Sony has been working all hours to rebuild the service, and will not only bring the PlayStation Network back up, but will also come with a number of security upgrades. It is hoped that Sony will be able to prevent any future attacks.

There have been a number of rumors going around about who was responsible for the attacks, and Sony and Anonymous has been at logger heads with each other over the issue. We do not want to get into all the legal stuff, but Anonymous has said that they are not in the hacking business, and they do have a point.

Sony knows that PSN users are not happy with how long they have had to wait for normal services to be resumed, so were more than happy to share this latest information about final testing. Could we really be hours or days away from the PlayStation Network going live?

Do we all need to get a life a stop worrying about PSN?

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  • dean

    comon please ony when will it be back up and running will it be today or very soon

  • Angel

    would like to know when will it be back up and what do i have to do to change our password me and my family is is so wanting the psn up tonight

  • Wza

    Please be hours.