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PlayStation Network Status Update: Third PSN Attack Planned – Sony Defenceless?

Just when you thought the PlayStation Network would be back up within hours, we have some worrying details to bring you now. It has been reported by a reliable source that hackers are planning a third attack against Sony over the weekend, which could cause Sony to delay bringing PSN back online even further.

The news is according to Cnet, as they have published an ‘exclusive’ report, stating that information was acquired via the hacker’s IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel, revealing that yet another attack is in the pipeline against Sony.

It will apparently take place over the weekend and may reveal user’s credit card information and other personal information such as addresses and full names. Even more worrying, the report also adds that the hackers have admin access to Sony’s servers, suggesting that the company are wide open for another attack.

At least this information has been brought to public knowledge and Sony can now prepare for it if the details are true. However, it doesn’t look good for Sony’s last estimation on the PlayStation Network being back online sometime this week. This has gone on long enough it seems, and now these fresh details have come out – it doesn’t look good.

What are your thoughts on this reported third attack? Do you think Anonymous are connected with it?



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