HTC Thunderbolt: User Feedback after Verizon Update

By Alan Ng - May 6, 2011

We informed you last week that HTC and Verizon were planning to roll out a significant update for the HTC Thunderbolt shortly. Well we’re pleased to say that this update is now starting to roll out, and we want your feedback after installing it.

According to Verizon, the update will address some long standing bugs that were on the handset, but more worthwhile to users, is that the update will add improved 3G connectivity as well as better GPS accuracy as well when using Google Maps or similar location apps from the Android Market.

Verizon has stated within the last few hours that the update has now started to roll out to handsets, as reported from Droid-Life. Do you have it yet? It will appear in the form of a regular OTA update and you won’t need to perform any sort of manual install from the internet.

For those you of you that do have the update, we want to know how your Thunderbolt is handling. It is performing better than before or have you discovered some new problems that you feel we should know about?

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  • up yours

    I would like my 3G to stop randomly going away!

  • Teewee

    So the delay is officially over? I really hope there's a fix for the extremely low/barely audible sound on video problem many, oncluding myself, have been having!!