GM Chevy Cruze Recall For 2011 Model

By Peter Chubb - May 6, 2011

There is yet another GM Chevy Cruze Recall for the 2011 model, this time it is due to a possible problem with the steering shafts not being installed correctly. The worrying thing is, the last recall was to do with the steering wheel not being attached properly. In this latest recall General Motors will recall 150,000 models.

The Detroit automaker will inspect each vehicle by taking a look at the shaft covers, just to make certain that they were correctly fitted. The 2011 Chevrolet Cruz models were built in Lordstown, Ohio, which were then shipped to Canada and the U.S.

Once the recalled vehicles are in the garage, 120,000 of them will be checked to see if the automatic transmission shift linkage was installed properly. This is certainly worrying, knowing that you could be driving a vehicle that has two potential problems.

Torque News
reports that there have been no incidents due to these recalls, but you cannot be too careful. The NHTSA advises that you contact your local dealer to see if you are affected by this recall. Are you worried that this is now the second recall for the 2011 Chevy Cruz in just one month?

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  • Chris k

    Person above me is just a dumbass, where the he'll did you get your ability to think from?

  • Sue Taylor

    I bought a Cruze on May 1st and the salesperson didn't mention the recall. My new car is the 12th GM vehicle I've owned and I was a loyal GM customer until I was sold a potentially defective vehicle without any disclosure. Because I just found out about the recall late last night and certainly haven't slept well I'll be contacting the dealership as soon as they open and won't be talking to the salesperson. How could GM let this lack of truth happen? Maybe I should contact Michael Moore so he can add this to the list of why people are buying cars from foreign companies.

  • Cathie

    I just bought a Chevy Cruze today. The salesperson was very upfront at the beginning of our conversation about the recall. While my particular vehicle didn't fall into the recall category, I found it comforting that Chevy didn't beat around the bush about this recall.

    • babsroadie

      That is definitely a case-by-case basis. I bought my Cruze in December 1 and found out myself there was a recall for the thermometer in the car. I called my dealer, him and his sales manager, and service manager knew nothing of the recall. THEY stated Chevy had not informed them. I find out second-hand from other people, who have seen news reports, on these other recalls for transmission and for the steering wheel!! That is 3 recalls in less than a year form purchase!! I would like to not worry about my car BEFORE its time.