Easily read your Tweets with free iPhone app

By Marlon Votta - May 6, 2011

Watch your tweets slowly animated into a stream of letters and pile up with a soothing app. Easily read your tweets with a free iPhone app available for the iPad and iPod Touch.

The gravity tweets app by joerg piringer gives you the chance to read your tweets in a captivating style. You can view your messages and watch them cascade to the bottom as if they were falling through a gravitational pull. They then re-create the Tweets for your entertainment during the day.

Grab some spare time and chill out using twitter search, reading your own messages or view incoming messages with this wonderfully illustrated app. After a couple of seconds, the tweets visible disappear and re-appear. Words and letters use gravity when the device has movement and you can then play with the characters when the tweet is not in use.

This tweet application is free and upgrades are accessible for use as a gravity clock with an in-app-purchase. To see more on the relaxing gravity tweets app watch the video demo below and visit the Apple store.

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