Creative’s new colourful Bluetooth speakers

As one of the world leaders in digital entertainment Creative certainly are well established and capable of producing quality products. Having already brought you news of their iPod Nano competitor the ZEN MP3 player we now have news of the new additions to their Pure Wireless Bluetooth speaker line.

The latest to come out of the company’s products are the ZiiSound DSx, D3x and D5x and they also announced the one-piece D80. The DSx is a modular subwoofer and the D3x is a modular speaker each costing the same amount at $150.

The D5x is a little higher in price and combines perfectly with the DSx and D3x setting you back £300. Although these different devices won’t be available until the summer, the D80 is said to be landing this month.

The D80 is compatible with almost all mobile devices including BlackBerry, Apple and Android handhelds and tablets. Check out for more details about the speaker by clicking the link where you will also find the full press release.

What are your thoughts on Creative’s speaker range? Will you be purchasing one of them? Let us know in the comment s below.



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