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Create and share comics with an iPad app

Comic Life is an easy enjoyable and rapid way to create and share comics; this app available for the iPad brings your comics to life and gives you that professional look.

Use photos from your library or from Photobooth to get your ideal comic. The app designed by plasq LLC contains many wonderful features like the amusing and clever templates, the simple drag and drop placement, and stylized image filters, hosting a vast amount of design options.

The easy tap commands and options will have you making the most of the fonts, colors, captions, panels and balloons. Create your comic just the way you want it, you can put balloon tails in the exact position they need to be in. Adapt the best lettering fonts, change panel sizes and shapes to suit you.

Share your comics on Facebook or swap them with other iPads using the innovative In Tray. There is an integrated e-reader to go through for the finished article. In addition, the comic collections options help you organize your editions as you build up multiples.

The Comic Life app is a brilliant idea to make your own professional comic. For more information on this application for the iPad, head over to the Apple Store.



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