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15-minute Workouts: Getting Fit With Apps

More and more people are choosing to do 15-minute Workouts because they cannot spare a full hour away from their busy lives. The best way to benefit from these is by getting fit with apps, as they can be located at the touch of a button – much better than putting a DVD on. Most of the time you do not need to watch a big screen to see what workouts you need to do, just a little guidance will help.

There are so many different workouts to choose from, but do not expect any Cardio ones, as you will never get your body up to temperature to start burning off the fat. Instead you will be much better off going for Yoga or Pilates. These are not intense, but are still classed as a workout, as you are helping your balance, posture and mind. Maintaining all three will help you when you do get time to do some running or cycling.

The first app that we have for you is called “15-Minute Yoga” and costs just $0.99. This app will allow you to do Yoga in bite sizes, but you can still end up doing this four times a day, just think how relaxed you will feel at the end of the day? The best thing is, you can do this anywhere, not just at home – so ideal for the office. For more details visit iTunes.

Having said some of that above, we was a little wrong, We have just found the ultimate workout app called “5 & 10 Minute Workouts”. Having looked, there are 20 quick exercises in all, but we have to wonder how much of an effect they will have? The best thing about this app is its price, as it’s free. More information on this app can be found on iTunes.

How do you keep fit, would an app really help?



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