Strangest Inventions of all Time

Over the years we have seen some inventors offer up some weird creations, but what were the strangest inventions of all time? That is a question that has been asked thousands of times before, and we can be certain that you will always get a different answer. What one person will say was weird; another will say it was genius.

There are those inventors who seem to climb inside their minds and loose realty with the real world. This often becomes evident with their strange creations, so we thought we would track down a few of what we believe to be the worst ones. We came across a website called InfoNIAC, and we think we have found some strange inventions of all time.

The first is an invention called “Why Knot” and is designed to do up a tie for you. There are two problems here, the size of the machine, and how slow it is. Oh and one more thing, what was Seth Goldstein thinking?

Next up we have Alpha Omega Galaxy Freefall Generator, the inventor said that the machine actually created more free powered than it took to power it. If it was that good then where is it now?

The final one that we believe to be strange is the Bowlingual, which is a dog translator – no it is not a Google April Fools. The company made one back in 2002, but there is said to be a newer version. We just have one question – why?

These are just three of the strangest inventions of all time; do you have any others to add to the list?



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