Sony NGP Vs iReadyGo (RG): KIRF Release Date Race

Over the years we have seen a number of clone devices hit the market, none more so than the iPad and iPed. We now have news of something different, the Sony NGP Vs iReadyGo (RG). The KIRF will now compete in a release date race, as it looks as though this Chinese knockoff will make it to market before Sony’s new PSP device.

There is certainly a resemblance to the Sony NGP, but this model will be an open source. Two interesting things here is the fact that there are Xbox buttons on it, as well as a not too shabby processor doing all the work. Normally with knockoffs the CPU is old and slow, but not the RG.

Obscure Handhelds managed to translate some details from CnGBA, and it looks as if the new gaming handheld will have a 1GHz processor and could run on Android – although we have no way of knowing which version. However, there are a few things missing from this KIRF, such as Wi-Fi and 3G; this might come in the form of a dongle – not ideal.

The quality is questionably, which you can see for yourself in the images from our soucre. Take a look at one of the buttons on the top, looks as though it has popped out. Why would you do a photo shoot with a faulty device – we think that says a lot about the device, don’t you?

Would you chance getting the iReadyGo before the Sony NGP?



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