PlayStation Network Not Back Up Due to Anonymous: PSN User Backlash

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2011

In a surprising twist of events, it has been confirmed by Sony that Anonymous did have something to do with the PlayStation Network outage after all, an outage which is still ongoing. The group previously denied any connection with the outage, so what do you think about the latest news?

We first informed you about this news here, as it was confirmed by Sony when they wrote a letter to the US Congress subcommittee informing them that a file had been located on their servers with the words ‘Anonymous’ and ‘We are Legion’. Read the documents in full here if you’re interested.

This now means that they are behind the attack, and it’s likely that a few ‘anon’ members have taken things into their own hands, despite an initial announcement by the group’s ”leader” or spokesman stating the outage wasn’t caused by them. Don’t forget that Anonymous itself is made up of a group of randoms, so there is no actual control over any individuals actions – which is probably what has happened here.

Now that this is public knowledge, what is your reaction to this, knowing that the outage is now going past the two week mark. Anonymous were being highlighted as a group of amateurs, but it’s clear that they definitely know what they are doing in the hacking department if they have the ability to plant files deep within Sony’s ‘highly encrypted’ servers.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly when the PSN will be back up, as Sony are probably working with the law to get to the bottom of this and trying to track down some of these infamous anonymous members. Let us know your thoughts on this new intel, and what you think should be done about it. Are you beyond mad now?

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  • Mikeatwtf

    To Comment on my last post, yes I am a very firm believer in xbox being better. your damn right it is, you get what you pay for (which for ps3, you dont pay, catch my drift) and there is never any server downtime. for ps3 i am very sick of having brand new games come out , like homefront, and having to wait weeks or months before all the connection issues and being able to connect to your friends are fixed. sony takes there sweet ass time for everything. Then on the Xbox 360 any problem or connection issue with a game is fixed within the same day or a week tops. i used to be one of those ps3 owners that the only thing i could say was "well I dont have to pay for online" lol and that is the only reason any ps3 owner can come up with of why they dont like xbox.

  • MikeatWTF

    I have sold my PS3 and ALL of the accessories for a new Xbox 360 250GB console and I am really impressed with the Xbox. for a long time i have heard that Xbox was more fun than the PS3 and i didn't believe it but now that i made a switch I can definitely see the difference. THE ABSOLUTE ONLY THING I MISS IS MY BLUETOOTH and thats it!!!!

  • babihrse

    i actually support anon on this one if nobody makes a stand nobody will have anything left when censorship comes around!
    george hotz was just trying to help/show people who would be interested in installing other operating systems!
    and sony decided to sue him! you can't even do things with stuff you buy anymore. anon were dead right to take action! imagine you buy a macdonalds burger and videotape yourself eating it and vomiting it up and macdonalds with the video being posted on a server that has no affiliation with sueing you in light of it! if you bought it its yours you should be able to do whatever you want with it!
    this is mostly sony's fault anon has actually exposed weaknesses in sony's security and i for one am actually glad they did because i have a credited account on psn when i found out the details werent secure i cancelled it! imagine it wasnt anon but some cyber theif id be getting fleeced!

  • andstuff

    you guys know the only reason anonymous is hacking sony is because during the Geohot case, after prosecuting him and closing the case, sony got of hold of the I.P addresses of everyone who VISITED his website. which is a invasion of privacy, even if you were curious about his work and didnt download anything Sony is now keeping a watchful eye on you. Sony is also at fault here.

  • Norbert Nobbs

    Because of programers like Dudebro who don't understand the whole aspect and just want to get something working we have security holes.
    They couldn't bring the network back on line until they had found the root cause. To screw up once to this degree is bad, but to have a second attack because of a lack of security measures would be verging on criminal negligence and certainly gain the attention of the respective nations' information security regulatory bodies.

    Sony are doing the right thing to keep it down until the security is hardened. I expect one of their jobs will be to write an encryption layer on the personal data held and have decent key security, along with better audit logging.

    It still sucks thought that they were so tight lipped about the whole thing. The fiasco was worsened by poor communications breaking the trust between the organisation and customers. We trusted them to safeguard the data and they betrayed that trust with poor security and an arrogant attitude.

    No I'm not a programmer, I did that bit now I lead development teams now on large ERP systems which involves financial transactions. A huge part of the work is dealing with security and what can go wrong in the case of a breach.

  • Kyle

    I agree with Dudebro I have been a ps3 user for 2 years and it is great to play after school and on weekends so im not going to an xbox im staying with playstation.

  • Bert The Happy Fish

    Oh noes. I found a half eaten choccie chip biscuit on the floor next to my PS3. It must have been the cookie monster from Sesame Street that hacked PSN after all it couldn't just be that i dropped it on the floor.

  • spideywall

    This is crap, my patients and the people I play online with is at its end, if not up by today, the Playstation will be traded in for an xbox, some of my online friends have done so already, get it together guys, beyond tired of this!!!!!






  • Ian

    I just want to play online and have have a good time every other evening & on the weekends. This hackers by attacking Sony are attacking millions of innocent games. Who f**k they think they are. They are not representing me and did not consult me before going through with this. Personally I think they should all get outside ans get a job and use their obvious talents to contribute to society or simply come stand in front of me so I can kick 'em all in the balls. As we say in the UK " fucking twats!"

  • mike

    Its sucks that online gaming is down but people are talking it to far go outside get some fresh air. But I will Sony is a very crooked company who does not care about people but only care about money even if that means screwing up peoples. All these corporations/companies only care about money not customers/people so stop putting your trust in them.

  • Showtime

    If I can, I will get a copy of my mates bank statement here in London who only found out yesterday that £600 was taken from his account two weeks ago, and the bank stated the transaction was done by Anonymous, he is very unhappy at present and the bank are helping as much as they can to solve this issue and get his funds refunded. This is only person so far who i know personally has been affected, god knows how many other people have been hit, but just dont know it yet. My mate only found out when he went to renew his car insurance only to find out he had no funds on his debit card. Since he has told me i have sent a personal text message to all my friends who are PS3 owners asking them to becareful, some who still think i am winding them up. If anyone from sony is reading this here is a feature you could add to the new updated PSN, in the event that something like this happens in the future, the same way i am able to buy killzone 3 over the weekend and able to upgrade the software via the internet before playing the game, could it be possible that i could have contact with all my PS3 Friends, so i can inform them of the above situation.

  • loebnu


  • jack_a

    First off, i'm upset that i can't play online too. i miss my brain numbing "me" time after work and after kids go to bed. I am really amazed how "mad as hell" some people are about not being able to play a game. i've been checking for network status once every couple of days and reading some comments. first of all, to those idiots who keep saying they are going to xbox, why don't you just do it already. who do you think you are threatening? i'm sick of people just talking and not doing. if you want go pay to play online, then go pay, and stop threatening. and you will pay multiple times if you want multiple accounts. secondly to those idiots who are suing or thinking of suing sony, what exactly is your loss, besides not playing a game? if anyone does have a monetary loss, i'm sure either the banks or sony will compensate you, if it comes to that. most ps3 users play for free, and some that do pay, i'm sure will be compensated. as far as compromised personnel information is concerned, most people in the world are either naive or too stupid to realize that there is no safe internet and there never will be. it is like death, it is inevitable, it will happen one day. it is best that people get educated and stop putting real personnel information out there. just like in real life, walking down the street, if you are unaware and not being cautious or proactive, will will get run over one day. if sony gets sued and losses by idiots, what do you think will happen then? in my opinion, either i'm going to have to start paying to play online or even worst what if playstation goes down forever, i won't have a free online gaming for a long time. i doubt that many people that cry and whine in the comments are either have monetary losses or are getting paid for playing. my comments are for most people out there, there are exceptions to the rule. but at the end of the day gaming will continue and life goes on. so stop whining and go out in the sun and have some fun. :=)

    • guest

      first of all sony perpitrated that your info was safe in sighning up for the network, so there for there is basis to sue. its caledl criminal neglect, false advertising or many other offences i could list off but i dont have enough space….. sony has led people to believe that the information was encrypted but it was only hashed if u even know what that means. and for the people saying they r going to x box, they can say what ever the fuck they want… its called free speech. so u can rant about how it pisses you off people r complaining but dont you think it pisses people off that your saying stupid shit and you dont have any clue about programming or any laws have have been broken by sony. the reason why so many people bought a PS3 is because they advertised free and safe online gaming. think about it and you shouldnt open your mouth unless you know what your talking about.. also it doesnt matter if sony will reimburse you or not its still a breach of trust and not to mention the shit you got to deal with in identity theft

  • john

    thank good for my pc gaming laptop

  • Buccillini

    How stupid how the government gonna catch them now and couldnt when they hacked federal net security firm. Playing sherlock holmes is fine just give me psn back and have at it. Incompetant fools we want psn

  • A-T

    They don't have central leader ship you twats.. This means that anybody claiming to be "anonymous" Is such. Also, sony has said that they found the file on a server, they also reiterated saying that they were still investigating. In lay terms this means that they know the possibility that someone could have planted that file that had nothing to do with anonymous.

  • law

    kill them all. anonymous must pay

  • Guesty

    "Sony has confirmed" are you serious? Sony has done nothing but lie for weeks. Yet you guys just believe them because they are a corporation? F*** all of you if that's how you think. Go be corporate slaves.

    • anonsucksUprick

      ay f*** you, id rather believe a corp. as opposed to siding with a bunch of criminals,sony hasnt lied they are being careful, anonymous lied by saying they have no idea or clue as to what happened!!F.U.

    • Tyler Durden

      Chances are you believe that corporations are the ones ruling the world, and everyone is a liar. This isn't Fight Club, get over yourself.

  • Carpe

    The fatal weakness of cloud computing is revealed. Security in the clouds is a relative thing. As long as nobody attacks, it’s secure.

  • bhc

    f?????? sony im goin to get a xbox 360

  • koj

    If I hacked it I could write "anonymous" too… means nothing.

  • JungleMonkey

    I love it how all the articles on this topic automatically assume that the fact that Sony have found a file called "Anonymous" on their servers means that Anonymous actually perpetrated the attack.

    This finding basically means nothing. It could have been Anonymous themselves, or it could have been a bunch of amazon jungle monkeys implicating Anonymous to cover their own tracks.

    • someone that agrees

      exactly, i remember times when Anonymous actually helped with things like online gaming, i mean they prodced some decent mods for the old games such as Halo CE for the PC and others similar to that.
      the fact that sony found "Anonymous" and "We are Legion" means absolutely fuck all. but then sony never were one for figuring out that people are intelligent and can use names to cover their own tracks, were they?

  • Jas73

    Bravo to the anonymous wasters! They say they are attacking Sony but what have they really done? They have alienated over 7m people worldwide, probably family and friends (if they have any) as well!
    If they think it's fun to ruin the enjoyment of so many people, I wonder if their true identities were found; what would the repercussion to them be?
    Personally I would say what goes goes around comes around, but 7millions times over. Maybe they still live at home with their parents (probably) maybe their phone & Internet connection would be disconnected by disgruntled psn users working in those utilities. The same goes for gas, water and electric connections. Maybe their mobile sims get blocked.

    All in all, I hope they can live with the consequences of their actions, if they think they are so above the law, stand up and be counted and take responsibility for what they have done.

    I am still holding out for the online gaming to be back on this week 🙂 go Sony!!
    Also wouldn't it be terrible if the gas, water and electric

  • tired of it

    Yeah, this is getting weak. I have always been an avid playstation fan/owner, but it has been down waaaaaaaaay too long. The majority of games on ps are suited for online play. Is xbox going to have to get a chance with me? Perhaps………

    • NO NAME

      and we care why?

  • Sad Panda

    Hire and shoot them

    • Dirol


    • fuckallxD


  • ashfoxx

    ^ this.

  • James

    i know your trying but not enough! yes theyve wrecked it for everyone! but i want it back on for tommorrow! because its double xp for black ops and new games have come out! stupid load of crap anonymous hacking load of shite! so sony trying get it back on for tommorrow thanks.

  • Jai

    Beyond a joke now!!! Poxy anonymous bunch of windowlicking bums! Why bother messing it up for every1!!!!!!!

    • Carpe

      Have you stopped for a moment to consider that any moron with access to the file system (including Sony techs) can create these folders.

      Not that Sony has any reason to simulate an Anon attack, considering their incompetence in this matter.

  • A nonymous2

    yeah hire them and let us play our games


    One thing for sure is that the anons are freaking SMART as HELL i honestly give them THUMBS UP if it was done by them .. so freaking intelligent.. major respect.. i honestly think that all this drama is all a INSIDE JOB by Sony to promote their PlayStation PLUS thing… now u want to give us free 30 days free plus… you should of gave that to us in the Beginning of it all… not now!!!!! i feel like a pet … where toys being thrown at us … but what ever … maybe i might be wrong … i know for a fact that Sony was loosing business before this… and now .. just recently couple of days stock goes up!!! lol.. and then they have to bring down SOE.. lol.. so much bull from them .. iam sure they not telling us anything … NOW that our personal info is out there.. thats a concern .. but alot of BANKS and CC companies dont even let you know anything they just send you a letter and a new card ,,, at least sony has given us DUMB ASS UPDATES with no hope of online gaming.. iam so pissed of that i just got a new ps3 on the 17th .. and now i cant even play on it.. proud owner of now 6 ps3 and 2 xboxes why somany ps3 because i love the exclusive games sony hassssssss

    • sdfghjkl

      how does this promote ANY of their services?

    • anonsucksUprick

      you're stupid, what they did was illegal and they continue to do this crap to gov't and more. one day they will slip and take a downward plunge, and i will be right there to kick them as they lay, you too , if you want some.

  • A nonymous

    I'm all for fighting the man, but this is just pissing me off. Sony needs to swallow their own pill of frugality and just hire these "Anonymous" jackasses.