PlayStation Network Back Online Tomorrow, Maybe

By Peter Chubb - May 6, 2011

We are certain that PlayStation Network back online tomorrow is something that you have read many times over the past few days, but maybe tomorrow could truly be the day. We say this because on April 30, 2011 Sony said that they hoped to have PSN back up within a week. Well, tomorrow will be when that week is up.

There is a strong possibility that the PSN status could go from down to online. They did not even say that part of the service might be back up, but the entire service completely. This is not the official confirmation that we need, but at least it’s something. However, we do hold out hope that Sony will deliver, we can only but hope.

It is not worth getting angry with Sony over this issue, as this might take their focus away from getting the PlayStation Network back up and running; we would advise just to let them get on with it and leave the blame game down to the government.

The reason we say this is because there is now an ongoing investigation in to how such a breach could happen. Sony has been sharing as much detail as possible with the committee in charge of the investigation, and will take some time to learn what went wrong.

What are the chances of PSN going back online tomorrow?

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  • christcool

    please be on tomorrow pleace! i have nothing to do! i want to play blake ops online T_T

    • christcool

      please be back on sony i have nothing to do i want to play blake ops online T_T

  • RachaeL

    Sony Are Just Mind F'ing..! Like 3 Weeks Ago They Said 2 Days.. Then 1 Week ,Then Wednesday ,Then By the End of The Week And here We Are Still Not On.. There Only Saying All That Because it Sounds Better Than Saying 5 or 6 weeks and They Know People Will Sell There Ps3.. They cant just be Honest and give us a bloody DATE. thats definate. i Know it takes time im not complaining were all waiting patiently but have some consideration for your customers and give us the dates instead of people checking there ps3 every time u say its gonna be on… waisting our time…….

  • knight darkness

    maybe it will be right in a week

  • Knight darkness

    I can't wait to play black ops i think I will die of bored I have to play just a little bit I swear I will play 9 hours and I won't stop playing exept for go to the bathroom I have to play nazy zombies too

  • iqbal

    C’MON sony tell us when will PSN be back online. i heard it was gone come online today so i left WORK early just to come online and guess what message i got PlayStation Network currently under maintenance.
    I hope its not a months time till ur back online.

    • dean

      yh comon sony just tell us would be nice

  • PlayStation®Network

    Sony Online Entertainment Announces the PlayStation®Network and Qriocity services will be back online Monday 9 May

    JAP – 12:00
    USA – 3:00pm
    EU – 4:00pm
    AUS – 6:00pm

    We would also like to once again thank you for your patience.

    With best regards,
    Howard Stringer

  • KISS

    Something Positive.
    Since PS network has been down, I have met some really nice AIs and bots. They don't brag about how much better they are, than you. They accept that they are just participating in a game and they don't yell and scream filthy comments at you and everybody else. They let you enjoy the original music that our games provide us with and don't try to be disc jockeys and blast us with their own choice of music and noise. You never hear about them slapping their kids around or having a tantrum because one of their siblings, touched their precious controller. If their on your team, they help you and never deliberately try to kill one of their own teammates. I am only thankful that AIs may look like humans but still have not aquired our lousy behavior in game playing. Please don't take these comments the wrong way, I still miss playing PS3 games with most of the great online players out there. Hope to see you online soon.

  • adam

    its tomorrow and its still not up…..I'm shocked :/. I'm tired of this bs. Hello xbox

  • hobbes

    It will be 1 more week at least, it takes 3-5 weeks to do all the reprogramming they need. Sony is just stringing people along in hopes they wont leave. Think they really thought they could fix it in 1 or 2 days like original eta? then 1 week, then 1 more. see a pattern? They know you will wait 1-7 days, they didnt think if they told you the truth at first, that as many ps3 users would stay with them.. think about it, we will return services in 3-5 weeks or 1 week, what sounds better? If you think they did not lie on purpose you are only fooling yourself. They are a Corporation, in it for profit without liabilities. I am not just trying to bash here, I am giving my most honest and forthright opinion, if you want to scream at me for trolling look elsewhere.

  • micah

    i bought MAG on same day what psn went down and never have chance to play lol ,hope psn will be back up before wekend but to be honest i dont think we get it that quick ,:( need to be patient….

  • James

    oh and to the guy that says sunday is the end of the week? Um technically speaking Sunday is suppose to be the first day of the week, Monday might be the start of the traditional work week/school week… So…yea your dumb

  • James

    there are a lot of kids that just can't go weeks without video games, my littlest just traded in all his games and playstation for an xbox360, now I still have a ps3 in the house but I wasn't about to buy him another console I told him he would have to save his money, so instead of saving his money he trades in his ps3 his games and he pawns his guitar and my old Alto Saxophone (without my permission) Him and his group of friends play most evenings and I wonder just how many other kids his age without both consoles have decided to do the same… Time is indeed money

    • Bob

      I'll be honest with you man, I think you should probably get rid of all games in your house. Your child just stole from you to fund a gaming habit – that's about the same thing a crack addict would do.

      You're not helping by also spending your time playing in front of him. It's your life and your child, so parent whatever way you wish, but that's my 2 cents on the matter.

  • Gazza

    we have been told this time after time after time we are just fed up with all this bull shit and with SONY'S up dates telling us the same old RUBBISH i gone past caring whos done it i just wont it back on its all he said she said fed up with it already

  • gotch

    I really hope its back up on may 6th. i havent been able to play MAG for WEEKS.

    • real gamer

      Mag blows

  • SuperUltraMegaBored

    Try using your PS3 as a doorstop. It works awesome! Also a paperweight. Gonna use it tonight to smash open a coconut. Maybe I can shore up my foundation with it when I'm done.

  • 1337-5P34K3|2

    my time is 15 and it's not online and im not sure that it will be up before tomorrow but oc i hope.
    but if it's not online before monday then i'm buying an Xbox i patience is all most up.
    but oc i keep hoping it will be up the next time i try to log in

  • wes

    woooooooow, two weeks and the hundreds of computer techs that went to university to work on video games cant re patch a fire wall……….. i really don't think theyve worked hard on getting it back up at all because everyone who plays ps3 is addicted and they know we will wait

  • RachaeL

    HopeFully It Will Be Back By Tonight When im Finished Work Im Babysittin This Weekend And Need Something Other Than Facebook To Keep Me Entertained.. Would Love a Wager Match Right Now lol… Hurry Sony 🙂

  • Jordan

    From reading the comments, we may have some closet addictive gamers, lol. It's been a nightmare we all know that but at least when it's all up and running it SHOULD be safer. For sony to go to the extremes of totally rebuilding the servers etc it has to be so much better.

    I will admit my patience is fraying but there are others thing to do in life than play PS3. Good Job Sony (kinda)

  • Rachel

    I am so sick of people saying they're off out to get an xbox
    stop being childish and just play another game in the meantime
    i'm sure you can wait a bit longer if you've waited this long

  • drizzy

    Shut the f*ck up anybody defending sony need to go kiss sony's a*s seriously I'm not worring that much over it but if they keep lieing about it then wtf they could just tell me it would be a month and that would safise…and also its not gonna be back on for a loooonnggg time …u can't even sell or trade in ur ps3 at gamestop because sony told them nnot to allow it …if u don't believe me call ur local game store and ask sony u suck

  • Shaun

    Of course we want psn back on!! but are you really that desperate as to get an xbox? you my as well take it up the arse!!!! let sony do what they got to do, would you hav it fixed in a couple of days!!!!! we all want to have a dabble on fifa or cod so just chill, good on you if you stick with sony!

  • bob

    I would buy live for my xbox but i only got one friend on xbox, all my other friends are on psn because they are cheap bastards

    • ace

      WHO'S CHEAP you can buy xbox for 120 pounds.Ps3 you can buy 300 pounds with hdmi and blueray disc whos cheap then…

  • hustla_uk

    psn wont be bk on yet ,they are playing mind games with of to get an xbox over the weekend,so screw u sony,ive had enough bull of u

  • ashfoxx

    I honestly doubt it will be back on. In fact, I'm going to play a little game. I believe PSN will be back online on May 11th. That is my vote. Any challengers?

    • pg1driver

      do u think it will start then ?,or it will already b on on the 11th

  • Brandon

    Actually Saturday is the end of the week. Sunday is the beginning

    • pg1driver

      gd man thats the real week,end sat start sun ,lets hope they no that too

  • Bobert

    Dont u just looooove hackers.

  • PsnForLife

    yea i hope it comes on tomorrow oh please

  • Fungas69

    Still waiting……………………………………………..

  • maverick

    man this playstaion shut down did me a world of good went back 2 the gym hook up with a fine girl who loves to get it on ???? let me see doing fine young girl playing black ops well you can only fool around for 2 or 3 hours max then what ? i dont want to talk about her day get out see you tomorrow lol come on sony fix your shyt i need to call someone a noob lol

  • Dei

    SUNDAY is the end of the week, people. SUNDAY. SUUUUNDAY. Sony did not lie, if Sunday passes, then they lied, but not really. It would just be an inconvenience. I mean, this is a serious issue in the matters, and in our matters to. Yes, we want Psn badly! We want Dlc, we want to download games, we want to play Online, we all get it. But we need to put their work in consideration, they're probably working 24/7 with no sleep. If they neglect this, then whatever hackers there is, could do whatever they want, putting everyone at risk.

    • Alex

      exactly! People seem to fail to see Sony are doing this because it needs to be done. Their massively improving their security so this doesn't happen again. I'm ****ed off aswell but i won't be switching to xbox like all these impatient cry babies. I'm just gonna wait patiently and enjoy the service when it comes back with improved security so those sad hacker *s can't ruin it.

    • SuperUltraMegaBored

      LOL Sunday is the FIRST DAY of the week. Look at a calendar, any calendar.

  • Ps3fan

    I hope psn comes on Tomorrow if it's not working tomorrow then they have lied to us again

  • tom

    I hope all is good by tomorrow i have nothing to do at home

  • Sam

    Well they told us last tuesday night would be THE night. At least in america. And here we are, still waiting. Anyway I won't be able to play this weekend, so I guess it's too bad if it's back online.

  • Dave

    im sick of looking at my black ops case i need to play it online..
    does anybody know if this fixs automatically because i have no clue!

  • TheDonOfTheSouth

    Turn it back on now please. My trigger finger is itchin for Black Ops. I hope all my stats are still intact.

    • DUMB AZZ

      LOW LIFE

  • duane

    it better be back up tomorrow otherwise sony has lied to over 70 million ps3 customers on there own website saying it will be up and running within the week and friday is the last day in the week so if its not up friday they have lied and they have stabbed themselves in there back beacuse not only will people turn away from the ps3 they will never be able to trust sony again and to be honest i think its too late for sony to try and say sorry people are already too fed up with the sitaution they have lied to us before and im not going to get my hopes up for tomorrow.

    • Mike

      im 99% sure they said ,"by the end of the week" and correct me if im wrong but sunday would be the end of the week not friday. and bear in mind this is a free service sony offer, xbox users pay a monthly or yearly subscription so you cant really kick and scream because a free service someone has offered you is down for an unknown duration. and your comment about never trusting them again, would you seriously put your credit cards details on a network which they run and "maintain" for free to buy something when you can buy psn cards from stores which would be a lot safer. yeah im slightly p**sed off that i cant get online but what can we do?? xbox's imo are crap so i wont be switching,

      • Shutup

        Shut up!

      • jimmybob

        @ mike….Really? Man you need to get your facts straight and form a better opinion. 1st, Sat. is last day in the week, Sunday is the 1st… look at a calendar or go to school… Friday is the last business day, so Duane was closer than you. 2nd, If someone sells you a product and you buy it because it offers free services, then that IS part of why you bought it, so taking away the service, free or not, is taking away part of your incentive for buying it in the 1st place. Mike, what do you think of this deal? I will sell you my computer for $2,000, its not that great, but not bad… but I will give you free high speed internet for ever… sounds good right. but I will take the internet away from you after a little while. will you complain? Of course you will if that was one of the selling points for you. If you buy something for a service, free or not, if it is taken away, you have the right to state your opinion on the matter. I do agree with you about the credit card info… I dont trust any sites with that stuff. I actually have never bought anything through ps, but if I were, I’d use a repurchased card too. But, I have, rightfully, lost all trust in Sony. They knew they were using outdated Apache and there security was bad, they were thinking of updating it soon. They chose to instead put immediate focus on keeping smalltime hacks out from getting a free game or two, or putting other OS on the ps3. This was a move to get Sony more $ and neglect fixing serious issues that concern the customers. and then they string us along in hopes we wont leave by telling us 1 or 2 days, then 1 week, then by end of this week. You think they didnt know this would take 2-4 weeks minimum from the start? Think about all the programming and restructuring they have to do, if you dont have a clue about this, then dont talk!!! They should have given a more realistic timeline, and continue to update every other day. This would take all of 15 minutes for one person over there to do. If it goes up this week I will be amazed.

  • mikey

    They had said "a day or two" two weeks ago. The post you most likely found on the PlayStation networks blog was from when they found out they had be infiltrated.

  • i4GiveSONY

    well im getting a xbox tomorrow . IM tired of getting off from work nd seeing psn still under going maintenance . You could only do so much outside . I need a break from my girl . Now i remember why i got the ps3 in the first place . but Im still keeping my ps3 . i will not trade it in ..

    • Dee

      im with you brother i did th same thing went out and got the 360 slim got a free month of live gold to hopefully psn will be back in the next 30 days.(still keeping my ps3)

    • fred

      get a life

  • JohnnyBoy

    Def playing black ops tomorrow after work if im not too tired lol. Money to be made. I was very angdy at first. Now I'm waiting patiently.

    • fred

      im glad it happened,i bought ps3 2 months ago and got band for life and dont even know what for!!!!!!

    • dan

      hiwen is back on online