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PlayStation Network Back Online Tomorrow, Maybe

We are certain that PlayStation Network back online tomorrow is something that you have read many times over the past few days, but maybe tomorrow could truly be the day. We say this because on April 30, 2011 Sony said that they hoped to have PSN back up within a week. Well, tomorrow will be when that week is up.

There is a strong possibility that the PSN status could go from down to online. They did not even say that part of the service might be back up, but the entire service completely. This is not the official confirmation that we need, but at least it’s something. However, we do hold out hope that Sony will deliver, we can only but hope.

It is not worth getting angry with Sony over this issue, as this might take their focus away from getting the PlayStation Network back up and running; we would advise just to let them get on with it and leave the blame game down to the government.

The reason we say this is because there is now an ongoing investigation in to how such a breach could happen. Sony has been sharing as much detail as possible with the committee in charge of the investigation, and will take some time to learn what went wrong.

What are the chances of PSN going back online tomorrow?



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