LG Optimus 2X ‎vs. Samsung Galaxy S2: Winner Decided

By Gary Johnson - May 5, 2011

Recent developments in the smartphone world have seen devices coming to market that now have dual-core processors. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has grabbed many people’s attention since it was first announced. Today we have an article comparing the LG Optimus 2X vs Samsung Galaxy S2, with the winner decided.

Ben Sillis from Electricpig.co.uk has written an article comparing the devices in a head to head battle. Speed wise they are both fast handsets, but the Samsung Galaxy S2 breaks all records with a 3,166 score in Quadrant. The LG Optimus managed 2,391.

When it came to compare the devices software the Galaxy S2 home screens and launcher were found to be really fast. There were never any signs of stutter no matter how many apps were running in the background. While the LG experienced some notable lag and when switching screens you were sometimes left hanging.

The Galaxy screen was preferred as well with a sharper feel and more vivid colors. The LG did have better visibility in direct sunlight though. The S2 is the thinnest smartphone around for now but still feels pretty rugged, but the LG also felt nice and solid.

Smartphones often suffer from poor battery life, but both of these handsets ran all day with a variety of draining features left on. The Galaxy has a slightly bigger capacity but the handsets came out equal for battery performance. Being faster and thinner with a better display, meant the Galaxy S2 came out on top.

Which of the two devices do you prefer?

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  • Emanuel

    The quadrant score of the LG is wrong because I have one and my best score is 2775 let see what happens with gingerbread, we know that the Galaxy will be a little faster because it have 1.2Ghz vs LG 1.0Ghz and the ram, the Galaxy have the double 1gb vs 512mb of the LG .

  • stephen wade

    Depends what you use a phone for I guess. I just sent back a 2X because basically yes it is hella fast but in my opinion we are getting a little too big out there, gone are the days when you could fit a nice Nokia 8310 in your jacket and a wallet keys etc, now we are all walking around with 4" tvs, getting a bit silly. I have gone back to the BB Bold 9780, the Optimus is a great phone with loads of custom Roms coming v soon cyanogen 7 etc, but it just isnt all that mindblowing. Battery wise It is a bit like a fast car or a fast woman in that it gives you great thrills but filling it up and keeping it happy can be a nightmare 🙂

    • calvin

      moron… bb… haha

  • T1nk3r

    I'm sorry but until the LG Optimus 2X gets the Gingerbread update that the Samsung is running on then this can not be classed as a fair 'test' It is common knowledge that Gingerbread is better optimized to use dual cores whilst Froyo which the LG is currently running on does not.

    Also this 'test' shows nothing on the graphics capability's of the handsets which the LG easily wins every time hands down.

    I think we will see the winner of this reversed once the LG gets the Gingerbread update which is due out any time now as the G2X has already received it 😉