iOS 5 and iPhone OTA Update

By Gary Johnson - Jun 4, 2011

Unlike many other smartphone manufacturers Apple updates its software for the iPhone via its iTunes service. Owners have to connect their device via USB to their computer and press update, which is not too much of an ordeal but not as convenient as the over the air method used by many other smartphones. But there are rumors that iOS 5 with allow for iPhone OTA updates.

Mark Gurman from 9 To 5 Mac is reporting that Apple is said to preparing the capability for iOS 5 beginning this fall. Many quarters are saying the feature will make its first appearance with iOS 5, so future updates after that version will be done via an OTA update.

It is thought that Apple already has the technology but can’t currently use it everywhere, and they are alleged to be already in talks with Verizon since the beginning of the year concerning the service. It is not known if they are having the same conversations with AT&T or other networks around the world.

Apple TV has been able to receive OTA updates without using iTunes, but the size of iOS updates will need to be made smaller before networks would want to push them out. One problem is that iTunes provides a useful backup for the iOS device, so may mean a Cloud based system.

Would you like future iOS updates to be done via OTA?

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  • Bradley Kelly

    Hope this wil be true 🙂