CoD Black Ops Zombies: Call of the Dead Glitch Shown in Video

By Jamie Pert - May 5, 2011

For some people reaching a high level on the Call of the Dead zombies map for Black Ops is too much hard work, therefore we have been looking for ways to get to a high level without much skill being used, a video we have found shows a glitch which could help you a lot.

We have embedded the video at the end of this post, it shows that there is a glitch if you slowly approach the edge of the zipline platform, here the zombies cannot reach you, however you can easily spray at them once a large crowd gathers.

The tactic is great if you have a skilled teammate working with you, this is because if he/she picks up a few max ammos you will not have to move for the entire game (we presume).

If you watch the video you will also see that it looks like George Romero can’t even get to you when you use the glitch, your teammate could always kill George Romero to make things even easier.

We presume that Treyarch will patch this glitch pretty soon so take full advantage of it while it works, that’s if you don’t mind cheating. While we are on the subject feel free to share your own Call of the Dead tips, tricks and strategies on our previous post.

Did the glitch work for you? If so, which level did you reach?

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  • pete

    I used to like Nazi Zombies from WaW. Got to Five and Kino der Toten (or whatever it's face is), and within five minutes of playing I was totally amazed at how the zombie levels were so much worse than before. In WaW, especially Nacht der Untoten, you actually had a decent game, without any silly traps or glitches that could be exploited by anyone too easily, and a simple game that didn't have too much of a storyline. The later maps, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese all added to the drama of the zombies: How did they get created? How were they released into the world? Why do I always get max ammo when I have full ammo???

    But, come Blops, you get stupid plots to the levels, stupid characters and a whole load of easy ways of surviving so that the 9-year old players who Treyarch made this game especially for won't whine about the game being challenging. In Five, Kino, and Ascension, to get to the PaP, you go to either an area which is inaccessible to the zombies or an area with one great big chokepoint where grenade spamming is all you can do. The level design sucks completely! And now, what we get is a stupid ship with characters from the 1990s in a game that is meant to be set in the 1960s/70s. The plot sucks, the level design sucks, and, frankly, when Ballsarch decided to release it for the PS3, I ain't gonna bother at all.

    • James

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      If you dont like zombies why the fuck are you waisting your sad pethetic life commenting about it . Faggot

  • Eric

    how do you go slow down the zipline, ive only found one speed?

  • buddy guy


  • buddy guy

    please take the vid down lol