Call of the Dead Secrets: How to Get the WunderWaffe – Easter Egg Complete

By Alan Ng - May 5, 2011

We have some exciting news to bring you now, as just days after the release of the new Call of the Dead zombie map for Black Ops, we can tell you that the main easter egg has just been solved in single player mode, and the reward is something which will bring back a lot of memories.

It’s important to note that the main easter egg in the game is different depending on whether you are playing on single player mode or co-op. As far as we can tell, the co-op easter egg hasn’t been solved after the Golden Rod step yet, but we now know what happens when you finish it on single player.

After the first two steps mentioned here, obtaining the fuse and destroying the red orb generators, you then need to insert a morse code pattern on the levers located at the top of the building, the exact location is revealed in a video below courtesy of NextGenTactics who are probably one of the first teams to solve this mystery.

After you’ve done this step, a green light will appear from a submarine, and if you proceed to the bottom of the spiral stairs, you’ll see that’s where the green light stops. What you need to do here, is shoot a crawler into the green light using your V-R11 weapon. Watch closely as the transformed human gets sucked into the light and if you follow the stairs up, you’ll see he disappears into some vortex into the sky. So what do you do next?

Well, the clever guys at NGT discovered that you need to shoot one of these humans with a scavenger sniper rifle whilst they are being sucked into the green light. Doing so will cause him to explode and you’ll then receive the golden rod at the bottom of the stairs – but that’s not all!

After hitting the locked door a few times after giving Richtofen the golden rod, you’ll see the easter egg come to a conclusion, as they thank you for your efforts, before they are once again teleported to another location. They leave you with the Wunderwaffe lightning weapon as a reward, as well as a gamer picture of Takeo on your profile and the ‘Stand-in’ achievement!

Treyarch must have thought really long and hard about this easter egg story and it’s crazy to think it’s been solved in a matter of days. Have you got the wunderwaffe as well? Let us know if you have found out any more secrets in Call of the Dead zombies.

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  • BinX

    My team and i found the vodka right outside on the side of the stairs. ^^

  • Helper

    It doesn’t list the vodka locations for co-op play.

  • detroitjo

    i believe you only need to kill the human as he is being sucked into the light, you don't need to use the scavenger

  • bobby

    its faxe trearch even sai dthere wernt using wonderwaffe any more so

    • pattywatty

      its not fake dumbass go look on youtube

  • Ganjaamanja

    What about the fog horns? I dont see what your supposed to do with that?

  • Andrew

    I doubt it, this does not include the dials, and also there is only one wunderwaffe, and it is long gone

  • devin

    you are awesome