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Call of the Dead Secrets: How to get 7 Perks on Zombies

We have just posted some massive news involving steps to unlock the Wunderwaffe weapon in Call of the Dead zombies on Black Ops, and now we have yet more secrets to reveal. We have details on how to get 7 perks on the new map, don’t miss this!

As most of you will be aware, you can only usually carry a maximum of 4 perks whilst playing. But a further secret has been discovered which will allow all players, yes all players to obtain 7 perks, either on single player mode or co-op mode.

The trick actually lies in a previous secret we informed about, which was how to ‘kill’ George Romero. Well, you don’t actually kill him, but at least you stop him coming back for a while and you are rewarded with the death machine, a perk and an achievement. You can head to our previous guide here for full information on that.

Anyway, the perk that George drops actually brings your total tally to 5 if you already have 4 perks in your inventory. Simply repeat the process two more times, and you can obtain all perks in the game, the first time that Treyarch has allowed for a maximum of seven perks at once. Try it now for yourself and let us know if it works for you.

Which perk do you think is the most useful in the game? We’ve included a video below showing proof that seven perks is possible.



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