Anonymous post letter before PlayStation Network back online

By Gary Johnson - May 5, 2011

We are now well into the 15th day of the PlayStation Network being unavailable, and we still have no date when the service will resume. Earlier today we told you that Sony were claiming the PSN hack was down to Anonymous. But that has led Anonymous to post a letter before PlayStation Network is back online.

An article on Cnet is reporting the group has issued a 900-word statement saying that they are not in the business of stealing credit card information. They go on to say what they do is just political and hit out at what other corporations think of them.

The group had previously attacked the PSN network before but called off the action as they didn’t want to inconvenience gamers anymore, and promised to change tactics with its action against Sony. They say that if Sony conducts an “honest investigation” the group would be cleared of any involvement in the hack.

Whoever is to blame for the hack of the PlayStation Network, all the millions of PS3 owners out there will just be hoping that they don’t experience any problems with identity or credit card fraud. They will also be looking forward to getting back online and resume playing games.

Do you think Sony should be doing more?

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  • Mark

    I think if they would just supply daily updates as to what they have achieved on that day it would keep workers focused and consumers more at ease.

  • DOZER420

    zombies solo just ant the same WTF

  • Papa_smurf

    Get psn back online

  • zooboo123

    i could post something, but it would be vile and violent and aimed at the hackers, sony is the victim, like us.. they are punks eating hot pockets and i hope seal team 6 sneaks into their houses and helps em fall asleep good.

  • i tryed signing in and it said,”servise is curently underdoing mantence.” i’ve put alot of these messages out… all i want to know is, whens psn going to be back up………..

  • if someone know when psn is online tel me date and time pleas europe


    will you let sony go please hacker or think again of aliens attack in your mind then you will die in your sleep.

  • sony555

    i hopes it's on tommorow

  • i just read that PSN might be on tomarrow. trying to stay up-to-date… I REALY HOPE IT COMES ON ^)

  • HURY SONY!!! turn on the playstation network…i want to play killzone 3 online. turn it on for at leas a week. pleas anounce when your going to resume it…

  • Dear Sonys PlayStation, i have some good ideas for your playstions, to help make playstion fun for all gamers and familys. So if you want to hear some send messagess on PS3.

  • I realy wish people would stop hacking into Sonys playstation Network, its realy slowing down there profite, having PSN users realy made because they arnt able to get extras for there games. Im mad as well because i heared it was suppose to be back up on 5/4/11, but it was’nt. I hope it will turn on soon.

  • People need to stop hacking. Sony’s a good online market, with free demo’s, fun games to buy and play online. Evan awsome movies. I hope (PSN) PlayStation Network will turn on this week or next week. Im bord, want to play my awsome games online…

  • Delta

    Who ever hacked it ur a turd munching dick chomper. What did 107 million gamers do to you? Target ur attacks on something that doesn't affect the customers. When you get caught I hope Sony sues the hell out of you. But Sony pull your balls together and give out some news. Most of the gamers just want a date or some sort of time frame. If sonys down for a further week it's going to take a lot more than a months membership to ps plus :L

  • horis

    hurry up sort it