Worrying Windows Phone 7 Sales Figures: Possible Failure

By Peter Chubb - May 4, 2011

We have to wonder if Microsoft is worried about Windows Phone 7 sales figures? The low numbers shows that WP7 could be a possible failure, but why? There have been reports that in the first six weeks only 674,000 WP7 devices were sold, which compared to other handsets in very low indeed.

The data was compiled by analyst Eldar Murtazin, which PCMag was quick to point out predicted the coming together of Microsoft and Nokia. The number looked larger than that, but you have to remember that a number of handsets were given to employees. It is this analyst who believes that Windows Phone 7 is a failure.

We struggle to know why Microsoft is still unable to come up with an alternative to Google’s Android mobile OS or Apple’s iOS? Microsoft were once on top of their game, with Windows Mobile being a popular mobile OS, but times have changed and the struggling company is unable to adapt.

However, if you were to believe what Microsoft has to say, then they sold 1.5 million handsets in that period. One, we cannot be certain of the exact figures, and two, Apple would still laugh at Microsoft’s figures, as they sold more iPhone 4 handsets in its first weekend.

Things are not just bad for WP7, Microsoft seems to be having an issue with the Zune player as well. They are certainly not the company they once were, at least they have Xbox.

Where do you think Microsoft is going wrong? What can they do to get back with the big boys?

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  • Alex

    I love WP7 on my Omnia 7, it's a very solid and intuitive OS and runs really fast. I am positive in the long run many more people will understand it. For one, in my office every guy that has a smartphone has a Windows Phone.

    Also, as a developer I can say that the developing with silverlight and visual studio is fun and easy thanks to the awesome tools provided by MS (still waiting for the possibility to debug on my phone without subscription tho…). This is why I think Windows Phone is going to attract many developers and have many awesome apps for every user.

  • Rodd

    I really like my Windows Phone 7. I've had many smart phones and think it's an awesome Mobile OS. Really happy with my choice and will stick with it as more powerful phones are created for it. I hope MS doesn't screw it up, and that may be a reason some are slow to try them out. My barber told me he had Windows mobile (course not being very tech just said he had a windows phone * 6.0 version* before that was horrible), and the perception of what windows mobile was people fear that Windows Phone 7 may still be.

  • WP7

    You may want to read this –

  • WP7

    What a load of crap this article is!!!

  • Horace

    I would not consider buying one of these. After Nokia gets their models out, other carrers will probably jump off the WP7 ship, leaving customers stranded.

  • marhorn

    I have a Windows phone 7……Best Smartphone I have ever used!

    Most of my mates I have shown it to agree and are going to buy one (some already have)

    Soon Windows phone 7 will be on top….lets not forget…its Microsoft!

    • That’s some mighty fine astroturfing there, marhorn!  You had me going for a second.  Well done. 🙂

  • Bubby

    To me, it looks like Windows Phone 7 has already failed.

    This is the danger of buying a mobile phone that runs Microsoft's Windows Phone software. Microsoft has failed many times before in mobile. Once a platform fails (eg Sidekick or Kin), Microsoft then pulls the plug on it, cutting off services.