Vudu expands rental catalog: TV shows added, not all HD

For those of you who use Vudu, the television service provider, we have some news they may excite you yet disappoint you at the same time. This is because the company has added a number of TV shows to their current rental catalogue, however only some of the shows will take advantage of the 5.1 audio technology and 1080p HD visuals that Vudu provide.

Despite the lacking in viewing technology for some of the shows, the update seems to be a substantial one. Vudu will now provide TV shows like The Walking Dead, Glee and also Modern Family.

As for the cost of seasons from the series above, they are a little uneven across the catalogue at the moment, which means some of the content is excellent value for money while other content not so much.

For example The Walking Dead series will cost you $16.99 on Vudu HDX whereas on Blu-ray at Amazon it will set you back $26.99. However series six of Weeds costs $27.99 on Vudu HDX when it would only cost $23.99 on Blu-ray at Amazon.

It is thought that as time goes on the content quality and value of Vudu will improve. More details can be found at Vudu Blog by clicking the link. What are your thoughts on the new Vudu content? Share them with us in the comments below.



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