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Samsung Galaxy S2 Price Drop: Major String Attached

O2 UK has announced a Samsung Galaxy S2 price drop, but there is a major string attached. The handset will now cost you just under £400, which is much cheaper than Apple’s iPhone 4. However, the phone has to stay locked for the first 90 days, after that you can get the Google Android smartphone unlocked.

ITProPortal explains that O2 still allows you to use the Galaxy S2 on either Tesco Mobile or Giff Gaff. You still cannot argue that this is a great deal, 3 months is not long to wait, and O2 as a mobile phone network is not that bad. Yes they do have a few issues with their 3G coverage, but their tariffs are some of the best around.

The phone was released back in February, so we can see why O2 felt the need to slash the price. Having said that, the one true rival would be the iPhone 5, but as far as we know the device will be a little later this year. This is certainly great news for the likes of Samsung, HTC and Motorola, as it gives them a little breathing space before Apple releases an onslaught on the cell phone market.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is considered to be the best smartphone on the market, and looking at a recent review, it isn’t hard to see why. Samsung has worked hard on this design, and have even managed to squeeze a fair amount of life from its battery.

Why do you think O2 is now dropping the price of the Samsung Galaxy S2?



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