Price of Wii bundle cut, Nintendo Selects game range announced

By Gary Johnson - May 4, 2011

We told you last month that there were rumors of Nintendo lowering the price of its current Wii console. Earlier this morning the price of Wii bundle was cut, and a Nintendo Selects game range announced.

Nintendo officially cut the price of the Wii bundle to $149.99 from May 15, according to an article on Cnet by Daniel Terdiman. The bundle now has a copy of Mario Kart and a steering wheel, and available in black or white. The wheel accessory will match the color of Wii console you decide to choose.

The company is set to announce its new console at next month’s E3 gaming event, but the new Wii console is not expected to be released until 2012. The Wii console has sold around 86 million units since it was first released in 2006, but has come under increasing competition recently from Sony and Microsoft.

They have also announced a new Nintendo Selects range of games for the Wii. These are a line of hit games such as Mario Super Sluggers or Wii Sports which will be available for $19.99. Previously Wii Sports was not available to buy on its own.

Will this new lower price tempt you to but a Wii?

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    I already own all Nintendo systems including the 3DS, which rocks. I will get the next Wii system too.

  • Tester70

    I love my Wii for the kids, and I've invested too much in games. But none of my adult gamer friends play BlackOps on it. And I don't want two systems which bites.